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Cabrillo Elementary Family Handbook

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Cabrillo Elementary School

Family Handbook 

2019-2020 School Year

3120 Talbot Street

San Diego, California 92106



Office Hours: 7:30-2:30

Home of the Exceptional Explorers ~

Every explorer, every day

Message from the Principal

On behalf of the Cabrillo staff, welcome to the 2019-2020 school year at Cabrillo Elementary.  We are so proud to be the “best little school in Point Loma” and are honored you have chosen Cabrillo for your child’s education.


We believe each child can learn, and are dedicated to supporting them to achieve their personal best. We look forward to partnering with you this school year.  Please read and refer to this handbook for essential information. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for your needs. 


Rebecca Vogel



Daily Schedule Grades TK - 4

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 7:45 a.m. – 2:10 p.m.

Modified Day – Thursday 7:45 a.m. – 12:25 p.m.



Parking at Cabrillo can be at a premium especially during arrival and dismissal.  You may park on any street near Cabrillo as long as it is not: 

  • In the teachers parking lot off Upshur (picture on the left)

  • In the bus zone on Talbot during school hours 7 AM – 4 PM (picture on the right)



Parking in the bus zone, staff parking lot or a red zone will result in a warning, ticket or tow.  Staff will note repeat offenders and license plate numbers will be reported to school and/or city police.  Please help us to ensure the safety of all and follow the regulations.  


For safety, security and community, we will be changing our drop-off and pick-up procedures.  The auditorium will be our only drop-off and pick-up point this year. The campus opens at 7:30 AM. Please drop off all Explorers, TK to 4th grade, in the auditorium by 7:45 AM and pick up in the auditorium when school dismisses at 2:10 PM (Thursday’s 12:25 PM).  To ensure our explorers and teachers can begin their day of instruction on time, families are to say their good-byes in the auditorium and may not join their child (ren) to their classrooms. 

Morning Arrival

There is no supervision in the morning prior to 7:30 a.m.  If your child needs morning supervision, please see our PrimeTime staff to enroll for care. PrimeTime (858) 503-1870, or -Selene Ortiz (619) 672-8550.  If your child arrives prior to 7:30 and is not enrolled in PrimeTime, Mrs. Vogel, principal, will be in contact with you to help solve the situation.  Unfortunately, if a consistent pattern continues, the school has no choice but to contact the school police. If you need support, please contact Mrs. Vogel.

At Cabrillo, our explorers have a wonderful opportunity to join the Cabrillo Explorers Morning Expedition “run” club from 7:30 to 7:40.  There is a direct correlation between exercise and a healthy brain; a brain ready to learn! We encourage each explorer to eat a healthy breakfast and then join in by walking, jogging or running.  Breakfast is served daily and begins at 7:30 a.m., and ends at 7:40 a.m. Children remain in the auditorium at the beginning of the day whether or not they are enjoying breakfast from the cafeteria, unless they are participating in the morning expedition. Teachers will take students to class at the 7:45 bell, and students will be seated and ready for instruction at the 7:50 a.m. bell.

Late Drop Off Policy

Cabrillo Elementary has an “uninterrupted instruction” policy for classrooms.  The office staff will ensure that items brought in late by family members will get to the classroom.  This includes snacks, lunch, backpacks, homework, and so on. Students arriving after the 7:50 a.m. bell will need to enter through the office to get a tardy slip.

Leaving School at Times Other Than Dismissal Time

Under state law, we must have a signed early dismissal slip for children to leave school at times other than regular dismissal time. If it is necessary for your child to leave school before dismissal time, please come to the office for the slip. No one may legally pick up a child unless his/her name is on the enrollment form that you complete each year. The adult will be asked provide picture identification at the time of pick up.  Staff will retrieve your child (ren) from the classroom to meet you in the office. 



It is important that our explorers be at school, in their classrooms, each day from start to finish.  The learning experience cannot be replicated or replaced. While we understand illness and family emergencies happen, please make every effort to avoid absences.  If your child will be absent, please call the school office (619-362-4000) before 8:30 am each day of an absence giving your child’s name, room number and the exact reason for absence. Any absence not verified by a parent/guardian within 5 days will be marked as unexcused.


Excused Absences:  Absences or tardies are considered excused only for the following reasons:

  • Illness such as vomiting, high fever or contagious disease

  • Medical/dental appointments (time excused will only be for a reasonable time to attend appointments, and doctor’s notes could be required if the absences become excessive)

  • Court appearances requiring student’s presence

  • Attending a funeral of an immediate family member (parent, grandparent, sibling, or family member residing in the home)

  • Religious Observance


Medical/Dental Appointments:  Please schedule medical and dental appointments on minimum days, before or after school hours to avoid lost instructional time.


Unexcused Absences/TardiesAn unexcused absence or tardy is recorded for reasons other than those listed above.  The following are examples of unexcused absences: going out of town, vacations, traffic, family celebrations.


Independent Study Contract:  Students who will be absent for 5 days or more due to unavoidable reasons should request an Independent Study Contract from our School Clerk 1 week prior to the absence.  All assignments provided by the teacher must be completed by the date of return to school for class credit or absences will be unexcused. Contract requests can be denied for students who are performing low academically, have numerous absences and/or tardies already, or did not provide enough preparation time for the teacher.  


Excessive Absences/Truancy:  Excessive absences due to illness may require a doctor’s note in order to be excused.


Truancies are defined as follows:  Absences by a student from school without a valid excuse for three (3) full days in a school year, or tardies or absences without a valid excuse in excess of thirty (30) minutes on each of three occasions in one school year.  (Education Code Section 48260)


Students with excessive tardies or absences may be referred to the site’s School Attendance Review Team (SART) or the district’s School Attendance Review Board (SARB).

Parents, Visitors and Volunteers

We welcome parents, visitors and volunteers at Cabrillo Elementary. All parents, visitors and volunteers are required to check in at the front office, and obtain a visitor/volunteer pass. Those who do not have a visitor/volunteer pass will be asked to return to the office to obtain one.  Please do not take offense if you are asked to do so – our number one priority is the safety of all explorers.


Please arrange all visits or volunteer opportunities with your child’s teacher at least 24 hours in advance so that he/she has time to prepare tasks for you.  

SDUSD Volunteer Procedure 

All persons wishing to volunteer at our school site must complete a volunteer application each school year even if you have completed one in the past.  This is a district-mandated procedure and no exceptions are allowed. We appreciate your cooperation to recognize the value of the new procedure and support it cheerfully on behalf of the safety of all students.  Volunteers are screened to see if they are volunteering for one of five categories of volunteer activities. All volunteers must provide proof of TB clearance. Fingerprinting will be required of volunteers who serve in any position where they might be alone with students without a staff member present, such as being a driver for classroom field trips.  For complete information, please go online at https://www.sandiegounified.org/volunteer-program-guidelines or contact our school office. 


The term “volunteer” applies to anyone not employed by the school district and who is helping on campus or helping for off-site school events where students are involved.  For example, parents who drive and /or chaperone on field trips must complete a volunteer application. Visitors and Volunteers may not “drop in” on school field trips as all persons attending school field trips must be cleared through the mandatory district volunteer procedure and scheduled to attend with the classroom teacher prior to any field trip.



Classroom Assignments

All teachers at Cabrillo are highly trained professionals who meet students’ instructional needs. Students whose primary language is not English, students who qualify for the Gifted and Talented Educational Program (GATE), or students who receive Special Education Services are placed in classrooms with teachers holding the appropriate credentials and/or the support of teachers appropriately credentialed. Other factors such as gender, ethnicity, and ability levels are also considered when forming classrooms. For these reasons, Cabrillo does not accept teacher requests.  If you have a very unique circumstance please start with your child’s teacher. If the issue cannot be resolved after a parent/teacher conference, please request an appointment with the principal.


Also, be aware that due to the continuous enrollment of students, and the small nature of our school, class and teacher assignments are tentative. It is during September/October that most necessary reorganization takes place; however, it can happen at any time during the year. If your child’s room must be changed, it is our policy to let you know in advance with explanation. We appreciate your cooperation in accepting changes if they become necessary.

Cell Phones

Cabrillo has implemented a cell phone policy to try to keep these devices secure.  Teachers must implement it in their classrooms as follows:

  • Each morning, cell phones are to be collected, by the teacher, from any student who brings one to school.

  • All collected cell phones are placed into a basket/container.

  • The basket/container is placed either in a locked cabinet, or in a cabinet that has a door.

  • Classroom doors are locked when it is vacant.

  • Phones are returned to students at the end of each day.


If students do not turn their cell phones in to their teachers each morning, they risk having their cell phones stolen.  If your child needs to make an emergency phone call during the school day, he/she will be allowed to do so using the classroom or office telephone.  This is up to the teacher and/or office staff discretion. Please inform your child’s teacher if they must carry a cell phone for a specific reason and they will know to secure it for your child during the school day and year.


Regularly assigned homework is an official policy that the San Diego Unified School District has for all students. Homework is designed to help students extend or reinforce concepts presented in the classroom as well as to develop organizational and time management skills. Homework assignments may be given in any/all subject areas. While parents are encouraged to assist and supervise children’s home learning, they should not do it for them. If you have a concern about the quantity or quality of your child’s homework, please contact your child’s teacher.


Please provide a special, quiet, and non-distracting area for your child to do homework with all necessary supplies. 

Reporting Student Progress

Report cards are distributed three times a year: November, March and June. Minimum days are scheduled during the first two reporting periods for parent conferences. Your child may be asked to attend the conference. Although parent conferences are scheduled during November and March, a conference to discuss your child’s progress may be scheduled with the teacher anytime.

Parent-Teacher Communication

We feel that ongoing/positive communication between home and school is tremendously important and encourage communication between parents and teachers. We ask that you arrange for conferences by note, telephone or email requesting a time either before or after school since it is not possible for the teacher to talk with you during the time class is in session. 


Parent Concerns 

The San Diego Unified School District and your site administration ask that individuals and groups who have concerns about anything occurring in your child’s classroom or at your school site follow this procedure:   


1. Speak with your child’s teacher first 

2. Contact the principal if you would like additional support to resolve an issue  

3. The teacher and/or principal will help you access additional resources as needed  


Please note that district staff expects parent concerns to first be addressed at the site level before forwarding concerns to the district level. Most concerns are easily resolved when all parties are honest, open, and willing to work through whatever is at hand.  


The “FACTS for Parents Handbook” given to all families in the San Diego Unified School District states, “Parents/guardians may contact their school’s area superintendent for assistance in resolving concerns that have not been resolved at the site level.”   

General School Rules

As a staff, with student representatives, we will be redefining our general school rules in the first two months of school.  For now, all explorers will abide by these general rules:

  1. Be Kind

  2. Be Honest

  3. Be a Problem Solver

  4. Be Responsible

  5. Be Respectful

  6. Be Safe

Dress Code

Children must wear clothing and shoes, which are safe, comfortable and appropriate for classroom and playground activities. Clothing, jewelry and/or shoes that may hinder movement or endanger safety are not to be worn at school.  All students must wear closed-toed shoes to prevent injury. Jewelry that dangles can pose a safety risk and therefore should not be worn at school.


Children are not allowed to wear clothing that promotes alcohol or smoking, or that uses inappropriate words or images. Caps with brims may only be worn during recess periods to limit sun exposure. 


Cabrillo Food Policy

Because there are a high number of students with food allergies, the following policy has been developed by the caring teachers and staff at Cabrillo Elementary:

  1. If parents want to celebrate their child’s birthday at school, they are welcome to bring a non-food item for each child in the room (i.e., fun pencils/erasers, noisemakers).  If parents choose to do this, the items can be sent in with the child at the beginning of the day, or parents can bring them in just before the end of the day.  Either way, the items will be passed out to students just before the end of the day.

  2. If a teacher chooses to have a classroom celebration that includes food, the food must be store-bought and nut-free (no nuts in food or food prepared near nuts), which must appear on the labeling.  This type of class celebration should be discussed and decided upon with the classroom teacher in advance. No home-prepared food is allowed, under any circumstances, due to existing or possibly undiagnosed food allergies.  Due to Food and Health Code regulations, no school staff member is allowed to prepare, heat up or serve food prepared from home.  

  3. A teacher may want to have a classroom celebration with or without food.  The same restrictions that are described above in #2 apply. As an alternative to having food, students can be creating some type of fun craft, or participate in some other fun activity that does not include food.  This type of celebration may take place during instructional time, but will not last any longer than one hour, and no more than two times per year. With the Common Core State Standards, the academic expectations are much higher than before, so instructional time must be preserved for student learning.

  4. We have a “Nut Free” table in the lunch court.  If your child has a nut allergy, please inform the office, your child’s teacher and the school nurse so we can direct him/her to a table set aside especially for children with nut allergies.  Students with nut allergies may invite a couple of friends to eat at the “Nut Free” table with him/her ONLY if the friend(s) are eating lunch purchased at school and as long as there is room. All school lunches are nut-free.  

  5. Students are not to share food brought from home.  This includes snack and lunch times. Please know that if your child disregards warnings from teachers and staff to not share food you may receive a phone call informing you of the incidents and consequences may be applied for disregarding staff’s instructions.  This is for the safety of all of our explorers. 


Snacks and Lunches

We encourage parents to think about healthy snacks and lunch items for their children. Candy and soft drinks are not allowed as part of your child’s lunch and cannot be brought to school. Adult supervisors may confiscate inappropriate items and report it to classroom teachers who will be contacting parents. 

School District Provided Breakfast/Lunch

Breakfast is $1.25Lunch is $2.50 (includes milk)Milk is $.50


In the event you need assistance with breakfast and lunch for your child (ren), we have free/reduced lunch program applications available in the office. After you complete the form, please turn it in to your child’s teacher.  If you want to prepay for your child (ren) breakfast/lunch, please set up an account at www.paypams.com. 

Emergency Preparedness

Fire drills, earthquake drills and lockdown drills are conducted on campus on a schedule in compliance with district policy.  A district-wide disaster drill is conducted once a year. These drills ensure students and staff are aware of procedures to follow should an emergency occur.   In the event of an actual emergency, parents are asked to assemble in an orderly fashion at the gate near B6 where you will be requesting to pick up your child and receive directions on how to be reunited.  If the emergency affects the school site, we will reconvene at St. Agnes Church on Evergreen Street.

Health Office

We have a district nurse on campus each Friday and a health technician on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  If your child (ren) need care, they will receive it and you will be notified. 


Frequently young children have “accidents.”  If your child is at risk of this happening, please send extra underwear and clothing to school with him/her. If you have any children’s small size clothing that you could donate, please send them to the health office. Thank you. 

Medication at School

State law prohibits schools from dispensing medication except when a physician’s order is on file. Please contact the health office if you have questions concerning health care.

Glasses at School

If your child wears prescribed glasses to school, please consider having a pair that can be kept at school and a pair kept at home. Some children have difficulty transporting glasses back and forth. If your child cannot access the curriculum and lessons because they do not have the proper materials (including glasses) their chance at succeeding diminishes.  Children who have Specialized Academic Instruction through and Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) and continually do not wear required glasses jeopardize their success and could damage their participation in the IEP program.  

Release of Information

The school is not permitted to release information regarding students (including telephone numbers and addresses) to unauthorized persons. Please refer to Facts for Parents brochure, Parents’ Rights and Responsibilities, for full particulars of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Lost and Found

Please take the time to label your children’s jackets, sweaters, backpacks and lunch boxes. Our lost and found items are kept in a storage container in the auditorium. Items such as jewelry (which is discouraged) and eyeglasses that become lost are kept in the office. The school is NOT responsible for personal items brought by children. If a child must bring something valuable, please have them check the item into the main office or the teacher until it is needed.


Please take time to look through the Lost and Found occasionally.  Items left after the school year ends will be donated to local shelters.

Complaint Procedure

Students, parents, employees, or others who wish to obtain information about a District’s Uniform Complaint procedure; nondiscrimination policies, sexual harassment policy, the Williams’ Act, or who wish to file a complaint should refer to Facts for Parents brochure for information. You may also obtain and file a complaint with the Quality Assurance Office at (619) 725-7211.  Facts for Parents brochure is issued to every student each September by the District. Please keep handy the Facts for Parents and this handbook for reference throughout the school year about school and district policy and procedures. 


The California State Education Code states that students and parents are liable for damages caused by students. This refers to damage to books, equipment, materials or to the buildings. This can also refer to damage to other student’s property caused by your child.


By city ordinance (see signs on campus) pets/animals (other than service animals) are not permitted on school grounds at any time.  Animals can be unpredictable at times in new situations and some students or staff may be allergic to them. It is for these reasons that district policy dictates that we not have pets on campus during school hours.  In certain situations, some pets may be allowed for sharing purposes if brought to school by an appropriate adult and prior arrangements have been made with the teacher and principal.


Students in grades 3 or 4 may ride their bikes to school. SDPD discourages this for lower grades. Students must have a lock and helmet. Although Cabrillo Elementary has a designated area to park bicycles, the San Diego Unified School District is not responsible and assumes no liability for theft, damage, or loss of any bicycle equipment or article left on the bike. The student assumes all such risk. The bike rack is within the school grounds and locked during the school day. 

Home/School Compact

Staff of Cabrillo Elementary School, parents of the enrolled students, and students participating in activities, services, and programs funded by Title I (part A) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), agree that this compact outlines how the parents, the entire school staff, and the students will share responsibility for improved student academic achievement and the means by which the school and parents will build and develop a partnership that will help children achieve California’s high standards. Our 2019-2020 Home/School Compact is included in your child’s first day packet.

Field Trips

Classes often go on instructional field trips throughout the school year. A parent or guardian must provide signed, written permission to participate. Without authorized written permission, the student is not permitted to participate. PHONE PERMISSION IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.


If a student has difficulty maintaining safety, a parent may be required to accompany his/her child on the field trip. If this is needed, the teacher will notify the family by phone and in writing two weeks prior to the trip date.  If the parent is not able to accompany the child, the child will remain at school in another classroom with grade-appropriate work.

Picnic & Play

Parents please join us this year for Picnic & Play.  Each month we invite all families to join us for Picnic & Play.  Come to Cabrillo to have lunch with your child (ren) on the grass field.  Parents please look at the calendar and make plans with your work schedule to come and have a picnic lunch with your child and invite a classmate or two whose parents could not make it.  Bring a blanket, a lunch of your own and spend time with us. We understand parking is limited, please plan ahead. Picnic & Play is an opportunity to get involved with your child’s educational day and bond with the entire Cabrillo Exceptional Explorers family.  The only thing we ask is that you not take your child home afterwards.  Their educational day does continue and if too many students leave after Picnic & Play it will disrupt your child’s attendance record, it will affect our attendance with the district and state, and we will have to end the program.    




Special Events/Dates


First Day Of School


Labor Day- No School


Back-to-School Night 5:30 - 6:30 PM


Cabrillo Explorers Morning Expedition-Run Club Starts 7:30 - 7:45AM

9/13/19 - 9/20/19

Scholastic Book Fair


Picture Day


Picnic & Play - All School


Picture Make-up Day


Picnic & Play - All School


Turkey Trot – Jogathon


MINIMUM DAY – Teacher’s Report Card Prep


Veteran’s Day – NO SCHOOL

11/18 – 11/22/19

Parent Teacher Conferences (ALL MINIMUM DAYS – please make child care arrangements)

11/25 – 11/29/19

Fall Break – NO SCHOOL, School resumes 12/02/19


Penguin Patch Holiday Shoppe


Picnic & Play - All School


Holiday Program


MINIMUM DAY – Last Day before Winter Break

12/3/19 - 1/3/20

Winter Break – NO SCHOOL, school resumes 01/06/20


Picnic & Play - All School


Martin Luther King Jr. Day – NO SCHOOL

1/31 - 2/7/20

Book Fair & Spirit Week


Western BBQ

02/14 – 02/17/20

President’s Holidays – NO SCHOOL, school resumes 02/18/20


MINIMUM DAY – Teacher’s Report Card Prep

03/02 -3/06/20

Read Across America Week


Picnic & Play - All School

03/11 – 03/13/20

Parent Teacher Conferences (ALL MINIMUM DAYS – please make child care arrangements)


Spring Picture Day - No Make-up Pictures

3/30 – 04/03/20

Spring Break – NO SCHOOL, school resumes 04/06/20


4th Grade Panorama & Promotion Pictures- No Make-ups


Picnic & Play - All School

04/24 - 5/1/20

Book Fair - BOGO


Picnic & Play - All School

05/04 - 05/220/20

California Assessment of Student Performance & Progress (CAASPP) Grades 3-4 (state testing)


Open House- “The Leader In Me”


Last week of Library Check Out

05/22 – 5/25/20

Memorial Weekend – NO SCHOOL, school resumes 05/26/20


Volunteer Breakfast


4th Grade Promotion/Last Day of School for Students/MINIMUM DAY


SSC Meetings

1st Wednesday of each month @ 7:00 -7:45 a.m. in Room B2


Exceptional Staff





Janet Allen

Assistant Educator


Rosalva Aracio

School Clerk


Cindy Bolduc

Early Childhood Educator


Virginia Brunetto

Primary Grade Educator


Dan Cooperman

Upper Grade Educator


Melissa Davies

School Psychologist


David Eastley

Assistant Educator


Rylie Eastley

Primary Grade Educator


Tim Farley

Upper Grade Educator


Melissa Gallo

Assistant Educator


Clarissa Gari-Johnson

Library Assistant 


Eduardo Jimenez

Assistant Educator


Diane Johnson

Assistant Educator


Terri Johnson

Adaptive PE Educator


Viridana Just

Health Technician


Joseph Kastorff

PE Educator


Alan Kinney

Food and Nutrition


David Lopez



Kari McLoughlin

Elementary School Assistant


Carmen Olow

Primary Grade Educator


Kristy Orosco

Speech Pathologist


Lorena Perkins

Physical Therapist


Thomas Ramos

Building Services Supervisor


Andrea Richerson

Speech Pathologist


Sandra Ruvalcaba

Primary Grade Educator


Ashley Santos

Assistant Educator


Kasi Schweikart

Explorer Guide (noon supervisor)


Mary Shirley

School Counselor 


Paloma Soriano

School Nurse


Malia Tatalovich

Education Specialist


Lora Toland

Occupational Therapist


Cheryl Valletta

Food and Nutrition


Rebecca Vogel