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Principal Hightower's message on Attendance

Greetings Parents,


School attendance is one of the most important factors other than parent support in predicting academic success and setting the foundation for life long learning. Attendance is Cabrillo’s cornerstone in our mission to produce critical thinkers and collaborative learners. Students who are absent from school miss out on Common Core standard based instruction, have to make up work, and miss the social networking so important in a school culture.  Teachers cannot teach to an empty seat.


Although school attendance plays an important role in school life, tardies are just as detrimental as absences. When a child is late it takes forty five minutes for them to make the adjustment back into the learning community. With Common Core curriculum students tend to take longer to get into the rhythm of the class and stop the other students from learning while the teacher takes time to bring the student up to speed.


If your child is ill we certainly expect them to stay home, go to the doctor, and get 100% better.  We cannot infect the other students and want your child to be in a condition so he or she can learn best.  It is important to call the school office to report your child's absence so we can give an accurate report to the district.  We are pleased to be a partner in your child's health and education.



Irene Hightower