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Burbank Elementary again welcomes singer-songwriter Jason Mraz

Burbank Elementary School has again welcomed two-time Grammy Award winner Jason Mraz to campus, part of the school's support from the Turnaround Arts program.

It's the fifth visit to the school as part of the program, which "brings arts education resources into high-needs schools as a strategic tool for targeting larger school challenges and opportunities." It's an initiative of President and Michele Obama.

"I grew up in a public school system with lots of arts available to us," Mraz told the San Diego Union-Tribune. "And over the years I heard that arts was slowly being taken out of the curriculum. I just got so sad for those students. And so I just raised my hand to see if I could come back and participate in these new artistic endeavors."

Located in the community of Barrio Logan, Burbank Elementary was rebuilt and reopened for the 2007–08 school year. The predominate language of the community is Spanish, and English learners make up approximately 70 percent of the total student population. The mission at Burbank Elementary is aligned with the San Diego Unified School District's Vision 2020 plan: a quality school that engages all students in a rigorous and relevant learning environment that will hold all stakeholders accountable for each student’s success. At Burbank, a quality staff lays the foundation for all students to graduate as productive citizens with skills, knowledge, and disposition necessary for academic and occupational success.

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