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Why use a School Counselor?

Why would I want to visit a school counselor?

Here are some reasons a student might want to talk to the School Counselor:

  • "I'm getting picked on, and I don't know what to do about it."

  • "My best friend isn't talking to me, and it's making me really sad."

  • "I want to show you what I just made in art. I'm very proud of it."

  • "I'm new to this school, and I'm really scared!"
  • "I just want to talk to someone who won't laugh at me."

  • "I did a lot better on my last math test, and I'm so excited to tell someone!"

  • "Tim, Samantha and I had a problem at recess. Can you help us work it out?"

Here are some reasons parents might want to talk to the School Counselor:

  • "Sarah doesn't want to go to school in the mornings."

  • "I'm concerned because Allen keeps telling me that he doesn't have any friends. Do you think a Friendship Group might help?"

  • "We recently had a death in the family, and I'm not sure how to tell my child."

  • "Kevin has difficulty going to sleep at night and often has nightmares."
  • "Jason seems to get really frustrated doing his homework, and nothing I say seems to help."

  • "I just wanted to thank you for inviting my daughter to participate in a New Student Group. She really enjoyed meeting some other kids who were new to Boone."

Here are some reasons teachers or administrators might want to talk to the School Counselor:

  • "I need some ideas to help my students develop more positive relationships."

  • "John just can't sit still in the classroom."

  • "Sue is absent a lot."

  • "Patrick is new to this school and needs some special attention."

  • "I've noticed that Amanda seems distracted and anxious a lot lately."

  • "Lisa is a great kid, but she's really shy and doesn't seem to be comfortable initiating friendships. I think she'd benefit from participating in a Friendship Group."