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Star Testing:   Test Questions and their Answers!
If you would like to get some great practice for the up-coming STAR tests begin with tests from past years.
  1. Click on the Colored Hyper-Link (below) for the test you would like to try.  (start with a lower grade than your present grade)
  2. The questions are in the booklets a few pages down
  3. You may even print the tests out but remember that there are MANY pages to each!
  4. The answers are listed at the end of each test.
2nd Grade Test Questions
                        Language Arts (page 6)             Mathematics (page 7)
3rd Grade Test Questions
                       Language Arts (page 7)              Mathematics  (page 7)
4th Grade Test Questions
                       Language Arts (page 7)              Mathematics  (page 8)
5th Grade Test Questions
                       Language Arts  (page 7)             Mathematics (page 7)            Science (page 11)