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Student Behavior

How Do We Expect Birney Students to Behave?

  • Be responsible, be respectful and be a problem solver.
  • Respect yourself, respect others and respect materials.
  • Ask an adult for help when you need it, and follow adult directions at all times.
  • Walk at all times (games are an exception).
  • Leave all distractions at home, including electronics, toys, candy and gum.
At Birney, we believe that all children can learn and that they deserve the best education possible in the safest and most supportive environment.
Students, teachers and staff members have the right to work in a setting where learning can take place at optimal levels. Of course, responsible and respectful citizenship begins at home and is reinforced at school. We anticipate that we will work together with our Birney families to help our students realize the consequences of their decisions.
We believe all students can behave appropriately and should be held accountable for their actions. We expect every child to follow our general rules of behavior at all times, whether in the classroom, on the playground, in the cafeteria or in the hallways.
During the first week of school, teachers and students build essential agreements for the class. Teachers review the school rules with the class as often as necessary, reinforcing positive behavior, discussing consequences for poor choices and reteaching expectations for appropriate behavior throughout the year.
Playground and lunchtime behaviors are taught the first week of school and reviewed when we return from breaks or as needed. We are dedicated to helping children develop all traits of the IB Learner Profile, as they move toward becoming a globally minded learner.