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School Smarts

School Smarts will be offered for the 2018-2019 School Year

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  • Session 1: Parent involvement — Parent’s role as their child’s first teacher and the types of parent involvement
  • Session 2: Preparing for a lifetime of learning — How children learn and the basics of college readiness
  • Session 3: Understanding our education system — The structure of the California public school system, including academic standards, testing and local school funding
  • Session 4: Understanding our school — How schools are governed and decisions are made
  • Session 5: Becoming an effective communicator — The importance of communication between families, schools and other audiences
  • Session 6: Standing up for quality education — Becoming a leader and advocate on behalf of your child and all children and Session 7: Taking action/Celebrating commitment — Creating personal and group action plans. (These are on the same evening.