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The Parent Teacher Association's activities and fundraisers make a lot possible at Birney, including assemblies and classroom fieldtrips (i.e., bus transportation, entry fees), scholarships for after-school classes, and annual events, including the annual Passport to Adventure and the end-of-the-year attendance celebration limo ride and ice cream party.

Teachers and other staff are encouraged to join and participate in the PTA. Please support our PTA by attending meetings and functions, participating in the fundraisers and, of course, becoming a member. Families are welcome to donate instead of participating in the fundraisers.

This year, your PTA contacts are:
  • President: Indrani Ganguly- Fitzgeral
  • Vice-president: Betsy Carter
  • Secretary: Damien Jackson

The Birney Buzz Blog, sponsored by the Birney PTA, was created to help parents stay informed on Birney Academy of International Studies events, programs, assemblies, important dates to remember and other issues facing the school, its students and their parents.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach us by email