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Ongoing Reflection and Revision: Each grade level team collaborates regulary to reflect and revise teaching and learning in individual classrooms, across the grade levels, and across the disciplines.


Programme of Inquiry (POI)

Through an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning, the IB Primary Years Programme at Alice Birney Elementary aims to challenge and inspire children to develop:

  • IB learner profile traits: knowledgeable, thinking, principled, open-minded, caring, inquirer, balanced, courageous, reflective, communicator)
  • standards-based knowledge: English Language Development, Social Studies, Physical Education, Science, Technology/Engineering, Arts, Mathematics (STEAM)
  • language learning (English Language Development, Spanish Language Development, and curriculum that values students' Mother-tongue
  • conceptual-understandings: form, function, causation, change, connection, perspective, responsibility
  • approaches to learning skills: thinking, communication, social, self-managment, research

The POI aims to develop a greater understanding of our world and each other through variety of learning experiences, resources, and settings (classroom, library, garden outdoor learning, physical education on the field and playground, electronic environments, and in the community). Each unit is specially designed by our Birney educators to meet the needs, ability, and interests of our children. All together, 36 specially designed units form the K-5 Birney Elementary International Baccalaureate Programme of Inquiry.


Grade Level Units

Kindergarten Units

Grade 1 Units*

Grade 2 Units*

Grade 3 Units

Grade 4 Units

Grade 5 Units

*NOTE: combination grade classrooms a taught a specially designed "A"  or "B" unit that creatively meets the grade level expectations for both grades under a slightly different central idea.