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Our Vision


Our motto is “Think globally, learn locally!”
Our mascot is the Birney Bee.
Alice Birney Elementary, located in University Heights, is one of the oldest urban schools in the District.
We have been an authorized International Baccalaureate World School Primary Years Program since 2009.  Our school has a highly diverse population.
Our supportive, student-centered instructional environment reflects the most current teaching practices to ensure that every child grows to their potential. Students are expected to become active, compassionate, inquisitive learners.
We practice a balanced literacy model, drawing on many resources for language arts instruction. Science, math and social studies are taught from an inquiry perspective. Of utmost importance is student development in art, movement and understanding of others. We offer weekly specialist-led classes in each area.
We promote an age-appropriate depth of understanding of the world -- politically, socially and culturally. We nurture inquisitiveness, independence and caring to enable students to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. By fifth grade, our students will be well on their way to becoming active, compassionate and peaceful citizens of the world community.
Priority is given to families who continue to participate in the IB Programme at Roosevelt and the School of International Studies, providing students with an opportunity to progress through the K-12 international studies continuum.
Parent and community support is extremely important. Our PTA and Friends of Alice Birney Foundation maximize opportunities for Birney students. Additional partnerships support our school garden and other projects.