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Absence Policies

Excused/Unexcused Absences

Excused absences include those due to illness, medical or dental appointments, funeral services, court appearances, or religious holidays or ceremonies.
Unexcused absences include those due to oversleeping, transportation issues, going on vacation, or similar situations.
Whether excused or unexcused, absences disrupt your child’s learning and can be costly to our school budget, which ultimately deprives students of programs. Unverified and unexcused absences count against your child, and after a certain number trigger an automated letter from the district along with a meeting with the school’s School Attendance Review Team (SART). Multiple unexcused absences may result in a review by the district School Attendance Review Board (SARB), with district officials and a representative from the police force and/or social services. Make sure you CALL to clear your absences.
For guidance on when to keep your child home from school due to illness, see the Student Health and Safety page.  

Is There A Way for a Child to Make Up an Absence?

Saturday School is offered regularly throughout the school year. Abscences can be cleared and help students get those lost days back.

If Your Child Must Be Absent

Planned Absence in Excess of Five Days

If your child will be absent from school five or more days, please contact the school office at least one week ahead and make arrangements for a short-term Contract for Independent Study (CIS) for the absence period. Academic assignments will then be given to the student to complete during the absence. When the student returns and turns in the successfully completed assignments, s/he will be given credit for the missed days. For attendance purposes, the missed days will not be considered unexcused absences. Without the contract, however,  the absence would be unexcused. Independent study contracts are not available for students receiving special education support.