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Run for the Green May 17 - (extended) May 29


Today's To-Do List

1) Run some more or if you haven't start, then get running (or walking) for Run for the Green!!!

2) If you haven't already - check-out the 05/21/20 Birney Buzz below

Quick Run for the Green update -  05/26/2020 Hello Birney families and friends, I lied.  You get to hear from me again!  Listen, a lot of you still need to log your run on to the V-RFTG form in order to be able to earn your medal from Coach Lord.  We have decided that the V-Run for the Green will be extended until Friday, May 29th due to the fact that our “link was on the blink”.  

Thank you to all of the students who have already logged their run/walk/workouts.   And for those of you who have finished your “RFTG” - please log on to the V-Run for the Green page and add your information!  

Also, if anyone has any last minute pledges/donations, you can still access PLEDGESTAR at www.pledgestar/alicebirney


The GOOD news is that this is the last time we will be asking for any donations for BIRNEY until next year.   The BAD news is that our fundraising efforts have been sidelined, so we are in need of any additional funds to meet our previous commitments to Birney.

Birney Buzz 05/21/20
Hello Birney Families and Friends! 
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The link madness continued this week with our Run for the Green form. You can find it on our Birney Buzz Facebook page.  Here is the latest link she sent me which should be ok. The last resort is to email Coach Lord at clord1@sandi.net and give her your name, your child’s name, your child’s teacher’s name and she will figureout the rest. If you can, send her a picture of your child running or walking! Here are a couple of good ones... 

  • Ava even dressed up as a bee to run in her backyard, complete with a RFTG sign. Here she is jumping for joy – I LOVE her enthusiasm. 
  • Awele put on his mask and logged a good run, as our 2020 Class President, he sure was setting a very good example to all our Birney students.  

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