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Volunteer Screening

Volunteers Screening
for 2010-2011
Just a reminder that volunteers must apply ANNUALLY!
You must complete a Volunteer Application and a Request to Conduct Volunteer Screening as well as sign the Volunteer Code of Conduct.  (3 forms)
Click below for a copy of the forms.  (No more triplicate forms!) 
  • Please indicate the type of volunteering in which you are interested (i.e., classroom, fieldtrips, PTA)
  • Don't forget to include your Driver's License number
  • Also, please print your child's name along the right margin.
CLICK HERE - Application
CLICK HERE - Request

You must also provide Evidence of TB test within the last 4 years.  If you provided this information last year, the office will have copies on file.
Please turn your completed forms to the office.
Thank you for being such an important part of your child's education by volunteering.