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Traffic and Safety Rules

Traffic and Safety Rules

Any instructions given by staff, teachers or Safety Patrol are for the children's safety. Please be a good role model by following their instructions in a respectful manner.

Drop Off, Pick Up and Parking

Traffic on the Beaumont Avenue alley* is one-way only. Enter Beaumont Avenue Alley from La Jolla Hermosa Avenue. Follow the arm motions of the School Traffic Patrol and drop off (or pick up) your child only at the designated spot. Exit via Beaumont Avenue to the north.

If you use the drop off (pick up) spot designated on La Jolla Hermosa Avenue* (the front entrance of the school), please respect the "Bus Only" parking zone and the "Loading/Unloading Only" zone. If you park across the street, please walk or direct your child to the Safety Patrol at the crosswalk.


Parents should not park or drop off students in the Waverly alley.

Walking to School

If you walk to school, please stay on the sidewalk and use crosswalks. Do not walk out from between cars. At the Beaumont Avenue entrance, stay on the sidewalk, use crosswalks and stay behind the cones and chain. Do not walk through the teachers' parking lot.

Bicycle riding

Only 4th and 5th graders are allowed to ride bicycles to school. California law requires helmets for all riders under the age of 18. Review and follow all safety rules. See the San Diego Police Department's Safety Sam page for great tips.


Except for teachers and staff, there is no on-campus parking at Bird Rock Elementary School. Please park on the streets surrounding the campus and walk to meet your children. Please click here for more information about traffic and safety procedures for dropping off and picking up. Please review this information thoroughly.

Demonstrate High Standards

Please set a high standard for our students and others by following these safety guidelines and instruct others to do the same. Follow the instructions issued by the School Safety Patrol members and be on the alert for people opening car doors and for children and others who may not be watching for cars.