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Nationally Mandated

National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), grade 4.

State Mandated

STAR (State Testing and Reporting) includes CAT/6 and CST for grades2-5. These test reading, language, math and spelling skills and writingassessment. The results are used to report the school's AcademicPerformance Index (API). California English Language Development Test(CELDT) monitors the progress of English learners. Grades K - 5.FITNESSGRAM: Physical Fitness Test for grade 5.

District Mandated

Includes the SDRT (Stanford Diagnostic Reading Test) and the ARI(Analytic Reading Inventory) for grades 4 & 5 and the DRA(Developmental Reading Assessment) for grades K - 3. Fifth graders arealso given a mathematics exit exam used for placement at the middleschool level.

Special Education

Parents may request that a district psychologist and resourcespecialist evaluate their children for learning disabilities.Requestsare to be made to the principal. The IST (Instructional Study Team)will meet with the parent (s)/guardian to determine the appropriatenessof the request.