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                                             BirdRock Elementary

Non-Title I Parent InvolvementPolicy

Bird Rock Elementary has developed a written Non-TitleI parental involvement policy with input from Non-Title I parents.  Thispolicy was developed with input from the SSC, and parent input from PrincipalChats

It has been distributed the policy to parents of Non-Title Istudents via the school website.

The policy describes the means for carrying out the following Non-TitleI parental involvement requirements [20 USC 6318 Section 1118(a)-(f)inclusive].

Involvement of Parentsin the Non-Title I Program

To involve parents in the Non-Title I program at BRE, the following practices have beenestablished:

  • The school convenes anannual meeting to inform parents of Non-Title I students about Non-Title Irequirements and about the right of parents to be involved in the Non-Title Iprogram.  This occurs during our Back to School Night presentation.


  • The school offers aflexible number of meetings for Non-Title I parents, such as meetings in themorning or evening. Foundation meetings are held monthly and Principal Chat’s are heldquarterly. Our Back to Schoolpresentation is in the evening.


  • The school involvesparents of Non-Title I students in an organized, ongoing, and timely way, inthe planning, *review, andimprovement of the school’s Non-Title I programs and the Non-Title I parentalinvolvement policy.  ** Parents are involved through SSC,Foundation, and Governance meetings.


  • The school providesparents of Non-Title I students with timely information about Non-Title Iprograms.  This occurs through e-blasts, and at SSC,Governance, and Foundation meetings.


  • The school providesparents of Non-Title I students with an explanation of the curriculum used atthe school, the assessments used to measure student progress, and theproficiency levels students are expected to meet. This occurs at Back to SchoolNight and throughout the year at SSC, Governance, and Foundation meetings aswell as Principal Chat’s.


  • If requested by parentsof Non-Title I students, the school provides opportunities for regular meetingsthat allow the parents to participate in decisions relating to the education oftheir children. This includes Principal Chat’s, SSC and Governance meetings


  • **The policy must be updated periodically to meet changing needsof parents and the school. If the school has a process in place for involving parents inplanning and designing the school’s programs, the school may use that processif it includes adequate representation of parents of Non-Title I children. [20 USC 6318 Section 1118(c) (3)]