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STAR Strategy for Taking Notes

STAR Strategy for Note-Taking

Set up Paper
  • Write name, class, date in right hand corner.
  • Write title of notes in center.
  • Location of resource in left-hand corner.
Take Notes
  • Write facts, details, explanations, definitions, etc.
  • Do not worry about spelling.
  • Use abbreviations, pictures, drawings, graphs, or pictographs.
  • Skip a line to separate important pieces of information.
  • Use dots, dashes, numbers, letters, etc., as needed.
  • Use color to differentiate, provide focus, or highlight key concepts.
After Class
  • As homework, reread your notes.
  • Make additions, deletions, or clarifications.
  • Highlight or underline important points.
  • Identify the main ideas, and add questions, symbols, or pictures to complete the notes.
  • • Rewrite notes for neatness and readability if necessary
Review Notes
  • Review notes regularly: after class, weekly, and before an assessment.
  • Cover the notes. Either rewrite the notes from memory or review ALOUD.
  • REFLECT: Summarize the notes; relate the subject to yourself and your personal experience.
  • Work with a Study Buddy whenever possible.