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Promoting a Scholarly Environment

Promoting a Scholarly Environment 

Sample sentence openings to use when expressing an opinion:

  •  “I think...”
  • “I believe...”
  • “In my opinion...”
  • “It seems to me that...”
  • “Not everyone will agree with me, but...”

Sample sentences to use when responding:

  • "I agree with what ____ said.”
  • “You are right about that.”
  • “I am not sure.”
  • “That is an interesting idea.”
  • “I had not thought of that before.”
  • “I thought about that also.”

Sample sentences to use when disagreeing:

  • “I do not agree with you because...”
  • “I see it another way.”
  • “My idea is slightly different from yours.”
  • “I have a different answer than you.”

Sample sentences to use when soliciting a response:

  • “Do you agree?”
  • “What do you think?”
  • “We haven’t heard from _____ yet.”
  • “What answer did you get for number __?”

Sample sentences to use when asking for clarification:

  • “Could you repeat that?”
  • “Could you say more about that?”
  • “In other words, you think that... [paraphrase]”
  • “Could you give me an example of that?”
  • “I have a question about that.”

Sample sentences to use when interrupting:

  • “May I interrupt for a moment?”
  • “May I add something here.”
  • “I’m sorry to interrupt, but...”

Sample sentences to use when offering a suggestion:

  • “Why don’t you/we...”
  • “Maybe you/we could...”
  • “Here is what I think you/we should do...”