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Levels of Questions

Levels of Questions 

Level 1 - “The answer is on the page” facts or details

These questions can be answered with yes, no, or specific information found in the text. A person can point to the information, read it, or physically see it.
Count Define Describe Complete
Identify List Match  
Observe Recite Scan Select

Level 2 – “The answer is between the lines” Implied or Inferred 

These questions require a person to expand on what they already know by using facts, details, or clues.
Analyze Compare Contrast Classify
Distinguish Explain (Why) Infer Make Analogies
Observe Recite Scan Select

Level 3 – “The answer is in your head” Connections or Opinions

These questions require a person to reflect on their thinking and be able to respond with a personal opinion that is supported by facts. The person makes a value judgment or wonders about something.
Apply a... Evaluate Forecast Generalize
Hypothesize If...Then Imagine Idealize
Judge Predict Principle Speculate