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Intervention and Discipline

Intervention and Discipline Policy

The following are guidelines for interventions and student discipline; the final determination of what is necessary and appropriate is at the discretion of Bethune’s Principal or Vice-Principal. In all instances where staff interventions are necessary, guidance and counseling will also be provided as needed to redirect and resolve student behavior.

Minor Infractions

Most student concerns are resolved through one-to-one counseling with a Bethune staff member, teacher, counselor or school administrator. Minor infractions include, but are not limited to:
  • Disruptive and/or defiant behavior
  • Verbal conflicts with other students
  • Unsafe actions or behavior
  • The use of obscenities
  • Failure to follow school, classroom, or playground rules
Minor infractions may require one or more of the following interventions for the purposes of
redirecting or resolving misbehavior:
  • Verbal apology
  • Letter of apology
  • Reflection writing
  • Time-out
  • Temporary move to another classroom (buddy room) for time-away
  • Lunch clean-up
  • Parent communication
  • Being removed or withheld from an activity for a short period of time
  • Loss of privilege (assembly, field trip)

Serious Infractions

In recurring or more serious instances, students may be sent to the office with a formal written
referral to be placed in the student’s permanent record. Serious infractions include, but are not
limited to:
  • Ongoing or repeated student behavior concerns
  • Fighting, assaults, or acts of violence
  • Defiant or disruptive behavior causing a major disruption of Bethune activities
  • Attempts to cause damage to school or private property
  • Minor damage to school or private property*
  • Habitual, Repeated, or Chronic use of Obscenity, Profanity, or Vulgarity
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Threats and Intimidation
  • Harassment
*Parents may be held financially responsible for costs or damages resulting from inappropriate student actions or behavior
Serious infractions may require any interventions used for minor infractions and/or one or more of 
the following interventions for the purposes of redirecting or resolving misbehavior:
  • Detention
  • Parent conference
  • In-school suspension
  • Formal suspension 
  • Parental presence in class 
This is a more formal discipline approach and, in the event of a suspension, a parent conference may be required prior to reinstatement to help ensure the physical and emotional safety of all Bethune students and staff.
Severe Infractions
If a student's behavior is a threat to the safety, health, or emotional wellbeing of others, and previous methods of prevention and intervention have not been successful, that student may be suspended and recommended for expulsion from Bethune in accordance with this behavior policy. 
Please note that violations of the San Diego Unified School District’s Zero Tolerance Policy may result in the immediate suspension and recommendation for expulsion from Bethune as outlined in the Zero Tolerance Policy included here on page 31. The Zero Tolerance Policy signature page, included in the forms and signature packet sent home on the first day of school with your child, should be read, signed, and returned to your child(ren)’s teacher(s). Additional copies of the Zero 
Tolerance Policy are available in Bethune’s main office and on the SDUSD website – www.sandi.net.
Actions which may result in suspension, calling school police, and/or recommendation for expulsion 
include, but are not limited to
  • Assault and Battery
  • Habitual, Repeated, or Chronic 
  • Fighting or Acts of Violence Against Another Person
  • Possession or Distribution of Weapons
  • Possession or Distribution of Imitation Firearms or Weapons
  • Robbery or Extortion
  • Threats Against School Officials or Property (Damage >$1000)
  • Major Damage to School or Private Property*
  • Attempted Theft or Theft of Property
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Hate Violence
  • Threats and Intimidation
  • Possession, Distribution, or Use of Tobacco Products
  • Possession, Distribution, or Abuse of Drugs, Alcohol, or Intoxicants of Any Kind
  • Possession, Distribution, or Abuse of any Substance in Lieu of Alcohol/Controlled Substances
  • Abuse, Misuse, or Distribution of Prescription Drugs
  • Possession or Distribution of Drug Paraphernalia
  • Habitual, Repeated, or Chronic use of Obscenity, Profanity, or Vulgarity
  • Habitual, Repeated, or Chronic Disruption and Defiance
*Parents may be held financially responsible for costs or damages resulting from inappropriate
student actions or behavior