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Incentive Programs

Incentive Programs

Classroom Rewards

Each classroom teacher rewards positive behavior in a variety of ways. Some of these rewards may include: verbal praise, awards and certificates, treasure chest, personal notes to the student and/or home, stars/stickers on wall charts, special treats, free-time, homework passes, etc.

Principal’s Award/Peacebuilder Award

Award Assemblies are held two times during each school year, as announced by the Principal. The Principal’s Award goes to students who exhibit excellence in academics and citizenship. Peacebuilder Awards go to those students who exhibit excellent citizenship or provide school/community service.

Perfect Attendance

Two times during each school year, students with perfect attendance receive a certificate acknowledging their dedication to coming to school each day. Perfect Attendance means NO absences, NO tardies, and NO independent contracts. Monthly attendance awards are also given to students for the same reasons.
Students who receive these certificates or awards will be recognized at regularly scheduled school wide events and are encouraged to continue being positive role models for others in the Bethune community. During these events, all students and staff will have the opportunity to reflect on good character as well as the importance of community and caring.