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Our main office is closed until August 19th. Our office clerks will begin answering emails Incoming 6th graders coming from Penn, Perry, Pacific View Leadership Academy, Freese, Boone, Parardise Hills and Zamarano are automatically enrolled. You will get a message from Principal Hubbard the week of August 5th with information about the NEW Student/Parent Orientation taking place Wednesday, August 21st from 9am to 11am. NO enrollment packet is necessary.


If you are new to our community of schools and/or district, please email Cathy Dean at cdean@sandi.net to arrange pick-up for the registration packet and to schedule an appointment for registration. Registration will begin on August 19th at 8:00 am.

Please be sure you have the following documents/forms at the time of enrollment:

1. Verification of residency

Proof of address in the Bell attendance area with the parent/guardian name with which the student lives (please use School Finder to confirm your local school).  This may be:
a)  Mortgage Documents
b)  Military Residency Documents
c)  Utility Bill (Gas, telephone, cable or water only)

NOTE:  Driver’s license and/or bank account documents are not valid for proof of residency.

If you are living with somebody else and you do not have anything under your name, you will need to bring a utility bill under that person’s name and you will need to fill out the declaration of residency document contained in this packet.

If you live outside of the Bell Middle School area, please visit the District's website for Choice Enrollment Options.

2. Health Records

a)  Complete immunization records, including month and year of all inoculations [Polio (TOPV), DPT and/or TD, MMR (2 doses), Hepatitis B (3 doses—this is for 7th graders only)]

NOTE:  STUDENTS CANNOT BE ENROLLED IN SCHOOL UNTIL PROOF OF ALL REQUIRED IMMUNIZATIONS ARE PROVIDED.  If written proof is unavailable, you may acquire the necessary immunizations at Bell Middle School, provided a permission form is signed by the parent.

b)  Health data signed by a physician, notifying the school of any special health condition, which will require special attention at school, such as physical education exemptions, medicine to be given at school or any class activity restrictions

3. Report Card, Progress report, Transcript, withdrawal form

a)  For beginning of the school year pre-enrollment, parent/guardian MUST present the last grade report card/progress report.

b)  Students enrolling after the first week of the school year MUST present an official withdrawal form from the previous school and a report card.  Students without this form will be directed back to the previous school to obtain.

4. Enrolling from different district or country

A birth certificate, passport to provide proof of age is required.  (A military ID is acceptable.)

5. Custodial documents and/or special attendance permit if needed.

a)  If the student is living with someone other than the natural parent or step-parent, proof is required of legal guardianship or foster parent custody.

b)  A student not living with his or her parent, legal guardian or other person having legal responsibility, shall be required to complete a custodial document and submit the document with enrollment documents.

Falsification of any information or documents, either written or verbal, relative to this verification procedure, will result in revocation of enrollment for the student at Bell Middle School.


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