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Foundation Seal Our mission is to provide financial support for projects, programs, and facilities that enrich student lives.

We post updates about the school and events regularly. 


 Contact Our Governing Council:

Co-President: Karen Lacey-Jackson 619-430-1000 x 2114


Vice President: Marco Samaniego 619-800-4371

CFO (Treasurer): Vacant

Secretary: Vacant

Communications Officer: Vacant

Parent Community Involvement Liason: Vacant


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Interested in being part of the foundation?

Contact: Karen Lacey-Jackson or Marco Samaniego to join a team!
Foundation Organization Chart  Fundraising Team
Grant Writing Team Community Involvement  Comm and Tech Team

Want to donate time/experience/funds/materials?

We are a nonprofit foundation on the way to becoming a 501(c)(3) non-profit 100% tax deductible foundation.  Our Tax ID number is 90-0596225  Make checks payable to Bell Middle School Foundation