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SSC Meeting Minutes


 Barnard Asian Pacific Elementary School

SSC Meeting

Meeting Minutes                                  Date: November 4, 2016     


Meeting was called to order at 3:31 pm


Overlap with SGT-Aida Hernandez

·     SGT looked over the draft of the mission statement that was shared. It was agreed

 that it should read, “Barnard Mandarin Elementary students will develop the

 ability to use their knowledge of diverse cultures and Mandarin to think critically

 and become self-directed, thoughtful, responsible, and successful global citizens

who understand the world around them. The blending of a world language program

with a rigorous and well-rounded English program will prepare Barnard students

for the challenges of the  21st century.”  We also have to develop a vision

 statement. We asked committee members to submit a vision statement

proposals to Bonny before the Dec. 13th meeting.

·     Teachers are working hard to use icons to annotate text. Aida shared clips at

Family Friday of students using the Socratic Seminar method. April Dorman,

district GATE office, has been coming out to lead classes and will be out

several more times to get students used to this method. Janis asked at which

grade level should parents begin to see this happening. Aida said definitely

 3rd-5th grades because those classes have GATE identified students. Some

 of the lower grades are also using the method.

·     We have completed one PLC cycle with all grade levels. Aida shared what

our learning communities are doing. Mahogany asked why P{LC’s aren’t

focused on Math. Aida said this year the district changed the focus to Literacy.

 Ed Franqui expressed concern that with so many PLC days, students are

missing out on instruction by their regular teachers. Aida also told us about

the Lewie Johnson PD and how valuable it was to our teachers.


Review of Minutes

·     Aida made a motion to approve the minutes as read. Mahogany seconded and

the minutes were approved.


SPSA & Budget-Aida

·     Aida reviewed the SPSA that was developed last year and due in June.

Percentage goals came from SBAC data. She also showed our current Proficiency

Level Counts for EL’s. The SPSA is not finalized until SSC approves it.

Aida reviewed the current budget

·     Aida  showed us the classroom and formative assessment data breakdown of where

students are performing



·     No Report

·     Karina Carruth went to the ELAC meeting but Carmen did not have a report. Ellen said

she was happy to see participation by ELAC parents. Carmen did as about lunch

change which will be discussed at the December meeting



·     SSC training will take place on Nov. 8 from 3:30-5:30 at Mission Bay High School.

Teachers must sign up on ERO.


Meeting Adjourned at 4:22


         Minutes recorded by Bonny Sobieck