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Spotlight on Intern Julia


“ Each time a student learns from me, it makes me very happy.”


1.What is your full name?

Yun-Fang, Shih

2.Where are you from?

I'm from Taiwan. I grew up in a city called Taoyuan.

3. Where did you graduate from college?  What was your major?

I still have one year left to graduate. After I go back to Taiwan, I will continue my

education. My university is called National Taiwan Normal University. My major is

Applied Chinese Language and Culture.

5.When did you first come to San Diego?  Is this your first time in the U.S?

I came to San Diego on 8/17/16. Yes, this is my first time here in the US. I will be here

until the end of this school year.

6.What grade do you teach? How long have you been teaching?

I have been teaching the 3rd & 4th grade FLES class since October 2016; and I'm

also a teacher assistant in the kindergarten class.

7.What are your favorite foods?

I love Taiwanese food very much. After I came here, taco and Vietnamese food is

my favorite.

8.What are some things that you want to experience in San Diego/U.S?

I'd love to travel and see different places.

9.What has surprised you most about the U.S.?

People are very comfortable of being themselves. Always feel free to express

their ideas. It's really different from Taiwanese people; but I like it.

10.Why did you go into teaching?

I love children, and I like to share what I've learned with them. Each time a

student learns from me, it makes me very happy. The feelings are amazing.

11.What is your biggest hope for our students?

Besides the education, I would like them to learn the values and the morals if

possible. In my opinion, no matter how smart you are, having values and morals

is extremely important for their life.

12.What do you do in your free time?

I read, watch movies, travel, and hang out with my friends.

13.What is your favorite Chinese phrase? (please translate)

A contented mind is a perpetual feast. 知足常乐。

All things are difficult before they are easy. 万事起头难。

14.What is the one thing you want all parents and students to know

about you that we may not have already asked you?

I'd like them to know my purpose of being here. My purpose is to have the

experience of being a Mandarin teacher teaching in the US. After all,

it is totally different from teaching in Taiwan. And also I like to leave the comfort zone

and learn about different culture to broaden my horizons.

You can contact Julia at juliashih0212@gmail.com