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Proposition S Bond Projects

Proposition S: Building for Success

Balboa school
Location: 1844 South 40th St. (92113)
Built: 1942
Size: 5.8 acres
Students: 593
Updates on Prop. S progress
Thanks to San Diego voters who support investing in the future, our district has funding to renovate our aging schools and upgrade wiring to allow for the most advanced technology for our students.
On Nov. 4, 2008, nearly 69 percent of voters in San Diego passed the $2.1 billion general obligation bond measure, Prop. S. This bond program will provide resources to repair, renovate and revitalize 181 neighborhood schools.
Prop. S extends the previously voter approved Proposition MM tax rate ($66.70 per $100,000 assessed value of taxable property), from 2029, to 2044. We thank you again, San Diego, and our students will thank you for generations to come.