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Audubon K-8 PTA

The Audubon K-8 PTA is made up of a dedicated and strong group of parents, teachers and staff who are committed to supporting and enhancing the educational experience for all students at Audubon K-8. Our purpose is to work together to promote the welfare of our students through fundraising and enrichment programs and activities for students and families.

We invite you to participate by joining the PTA and/or volunteering for events benefiting the Audubon Community. We welcome all levels of participation and will work with you to find an opportunity for you to help once, or often, throughout the year.

What Is A Parent Teach Organization (PTA)?
The PTA is a non-profit organization that encourages the collaboration of parents and teachers in order to promote and enhance the learning and education of our students. 
We are an entirely volunteer based organization, dedicated to the success of the staff, teachers and students of Audubon K-8.

What Are The Benefits of Joining the Audubon K-8 PTA? 
By becoming a member of the PTA, you'll be a part of an organization that truly does make a difference in the lives of all children.  Your membership helps us fund enrichment programs that supplement and aid teachers and students at Audubon K-8  in many ways. In a time when schools are suffering unprecedented budget cuts, PTA's have become an invaluable resource because of the support a PTA can provide to school.  The PTA helps support fieldtrips, school activities and

PTA membership is not mandatory and joining the PTA does not require you to attend any meetings. You are always welcome to attend any PTA general meeting, even if you are not a member. However, your ten dollar membership helps us to sustain ongoing programs to support the children, teachers and invaluable staff Audubon K-8. We welcome you to become a member.

What Are The Benefits of Joining the Audubon K-8 PTA? 

Joining the PTA is very easy. You can find membership envelopes in the front office, where you can turn in your membership fee, which is only $10 per year.


Questions/Comments/ Concerns

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact us at: audubonK8PTA@yahoo.com