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Mrs. Kivett

Mrs. Kivett
Room 17

Welcome to room 17! I am your child’s teacher, Mrs. Kelly Kivett(or Mrs. K). I am looking forward to ahappy and successful year working with you and your child. I have very high expectations for the studentsto achieve their best all year. It isvery important that we work together for your child’s success. I am really excitedabout getting to know each other better throughout the school year. Mark your calendar for All Star AcademicNight on Thursday,September 18, at 5:30 – 7:00 pm. 


I will be in contact with you fromtime to time to discuss your child’s progress. Today I have begun a daily behavior program. My rules coincide with the school’s ruleswhich value Honoring Yourself, Honoring Others, Honoring the SchoolEnvironment, Honoring Achievement, and Honoring Peace. Please read with your child and sign andreturn the school rules so that everyone is aware of what is expected. It is the student’s responsibility to tellyou if they changed their disciplinary card each day. If there is continuous negative behavior or ared card, you will be notified immediately. Recognition will be given to those who have better than a good day. You will have a second chance to check up onbehavior for the week when you receive their progress report each Monday. Progress reports are due back by Wednesdayeach week with a parent signature. Thediscipline goes as follows:


          Consequencesfor Negative Behavior

1.    Yellow Card – First action awarning will be given.

2.   Blue Card – Second action willbe a decision made by the teacher (such as loss of recess, cleaning up, etc.)

3.   Red Card – Third action willresult in a note (to be signed and returned), e-mail, or phone call home; therewill also be a loss of 2 recesses or decision made by the teacher. If the action is more severe, this might alsoresult in a referral to the principal or counselor.


         Positive Behavior

1.    Green – Good Day

2.   Pink – Great Day – Student isworking hard in class

3.   Purple – Excellent Day –Student going beyond expectations


Rewards for positive behavior will be given. Rewards may be stickers, snacks, class raffletickets for prizes, work passes, rewards decided by the student and teacher,and treats or other class parties (class reward).


In the school rules, you will find alist of things that should not be sent with your child to school. I feel a need to add a few things that I sawcause conflicts with other students in the past. Please to not give your child extra materialsto share or hand out (unless it is to the entire class). Children are always changing their minds andwanting their things returned to them. If your child would like to share things, please have them do so out ofschool hours. A healthy snack isrecommended; we prefer students do not bring chips and cookies. If your child wears jewelry to school, theyare to come with the understanding that it is to stay on all day. We all love to dress up, but playing withjewelry is very disruptive to teaching and learning. There is also aschool wide rule of no toys. Toys willbe taken by any member of the staff and returned at a later time. If toys are continually brought to my classafter several warnings, the toys will be kept until picked up by a guardian orkept and returned in June.


Basic supplies will be provided foreach student; however, donations such as tissue,copy paper, pencils, glue sticks,soap, etc. are greatly appreciated. Every once in while I will send home requests for supplies we need forspecial activities and class projects. Although all donations, no matter how big or small are greatlyappreciated, they are always voluntary and never a prerequisite to participatein any program or activity. 


You will be receiving a separatenotice about homework.


Attached you will find an indexcard. Please fill in your child’s name, your name, and daytime phonenumber. If you also have an email address, this is greatlyappreciated. This is for my personal useto contact you and will be kept confidential. Please return this and the parent questionnaire within this firstweek.


I know this is going to be a greatschool year. Please feel free to contactme if you have any questions or need any information. My number at school is (858) 496-8295, oremail me at kkivett@sandi.net. For more information also be sure to checkour website at www.sandi.net/angier .



Mrs. K.