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Homework Policy

Homework Policy

It is homework time again! Homework is really going to vary this year inaccordance to what the children’s needs are at the time. You can access their daily assignments andprojects on the school website at www.sandi.net/angier.


There will usually be at least 3 parts to theirhomework every night. There will be aReading portion, Math portion, and a Language/Spelling portion. Homework assignments are done daily and aredue the next day. If you ever want toknow what the homework assignments are for the week, please check the website (www.sandi.net/angier) or their notebookfor daily assignments. At ourwebsite: You will need to selectClassrooms and then select Mrs. Kivett’s 3rd grade classroom.


The math program has various types ofhomework. It may be a worksheet senthome, work done out of their math book, or various home projects. The amount of problems will also varyaccording to the amount of needed practice. Sometimes more is learned from doing a few problems well. Children will be notified of up coming testsand are administered any day of the week. The math book will be taken home from time to time. It is the student’s responsibility to bringthe book BACK to school the following day. It will be needed for class instruction and if not returned willcomplicate instruction. If the math bookis lost, it will need to be replaced. Students/parents can also access their mathbook online. Passwords will be given outonce students are entered into the system.


Spelling will be words that we are working on inclass. A list will be sent home onFriday of every week. This is done sostudents who need more time with their words can study them over theweekend. There may be some homeworkassignments incorporating the spelling list, but most studying of the wordswill be done at the student’s discretion. Tests will be on Friday, except for short weeks. 


The students are expected to read at least30 minutes a night. Each night they willbe expected to write the title, author, and genre of the book they read. Please be sure that they are doing theirreading at home. They should know atleast one thing we are working on in reading in class. You can really help reinforce their learningby asking them about their books and asking them about their skill that theyare working on in the Units of Inquiry or Guided Reading.


There will be various writing assignments dealingwith their reading, other parts of language study, and the other subjectscovered in class. 


All homework is to be completed carefully andneatly. Children are expected to writedown homework assignments and complete them before returning to school the nextmorning (longer assignments will be given deadline dates). If you have any questions of their homeworkassignment for the night, please check their homework journal or the schoolwebsite. If a student is not accompaniedwith a written excuse or reasonable excuse for not completing theirassignments, they will be sent to the lunch arbor to complete assignmentsduring recess. Homework also needs to beredone if it is not done neatly or is done without care. If it is not completed during the day, itwill need to be finished that night as extra homework.


Homework is a very important part to your child’slearning. I appreciate your patience andhelp with the nightly assignments. Ifyou have any questions, please feel free to call me at (858) 496-8295 or emailme at kkivett@sandi.net.



Mrs. K.