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Second Grade Reading Favorites

Ways to Help Your Child with Reading at Home:
Set the Atmosphere:
*Help your child find a comfortable, quiet place to read.
*Orient your child to the book by looking at the cover first and talking about what you think the story may be about.
*Have your child see you as a reading model.
*Read aloud to your child.
*Discuss the stories you read together. Recognize the value of silent reading.
*Keep reading time enjoyable and relaxed!
Asking Important Questions: 
*"What do you think that this story will be about?"
*"What do you think will happen next?"
*"Which part of the story is your favorite?"
*"Which character did you like the best?"
*"Is this story like any other story you have read?"
*"Is there a time when you felt like this character?"
*"What character in the book are you most like?"
*"Tell me something that you like about the story. Disliked?"
*"If you were the author, how would you change the story?"
*"What happened in this story?"
*"What was the problem in the story? How did the characters solve the problem?"
*"Did you learn anything from this book?"
 Responding to Errors in Reading:
*"Would that make sense there?"
*"What word do you think that could be?"
*"Use the picture to help you."
*"Skip over it and read to the end of the sentence. Now what do you think that it is?"
*"Put in a word that would make sense there."
*"You read that word before on another page. See if you can find it."
*Help your child sound it out or tell him/her the word.
Praise, Praise, Praise!
*"That was a good try. Yes, that would make sense in this sentence."
*"I like the way that you looked at the picture to help you read the words."
*"I like the way that you went back to the beginning of the sentence and tried it again. That is what good readers do!"
*"I am proud of your reading!" 
Second Grade Reading Favorites: 
Beatrice's GoatThe Emperor's New Clothes The Mouse and the MotorcycleHow I Became a PirateThe Tortoise and the HareThe True Story of the Three Little PigsBad Case of the StripesThunder CakeHedgie's Surprise Hedgie's SurpriseDairy of a WormMiss Nelson Is MissingYou Are SpecialStrega NonaSylvester and the Magic PebbleMrs. Piggle WiggleCharlotte's WebJames and the Giant PeachDr. Seuss BooksWhere the Sidewalk Ends Cam JansenMagic Tree HouseJunie B. JonesA to Z MysteriesMr. Putter and TabbyNate the Great