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School Site Council Bylaws



Name of the Council

The name of this council shall be the Alcott ElementarySchool Site Council.


Role of the Council

The role of the School Site Council is to oversee the academicprogram at Alcott Elementary School andprovide guidance and approval in regards to the Single Plan for StudentAchievement, human resources, curriculum/instruction, evaluation of schoolprograms, staff/parent development, school accountability report card (SARC)and categorical budget concerns.  Theyshall promote communication, encourage leadership, better utilize staff in thearea of school programs, and establish the problem solving and decision-makingprocess on issues relating to a positive school climate.  The School Site Council is required by theState Legislature to have bylaws in order to distinguish it from the SiteGovernance Team, which has a similar purpose.

The Alcott Elementary School Site Council shall have theauthority to:

  • Determine the curriculum and organization of instruction at the school site for groups of students that generate categorical funds: English learners, special education students, gifted and talented students, underachieving students, and students who benefit from the use of school based coordinated program and school improvement funds.
  • Determine the use of categorical funds (i.e. Title I, Second Language, GATE) including assignment and use of personnel within the confines of policy, collective bargaining agreements, and state and federal law.

The school principal shall retain the authority to:

  • Evaluate and discipline staff members
  • Implement programs, policies, and procedures
  • Such other power and authority as exclusively delegated to the principal by the Education Code, District policy, and collective bargaining agreements.



Section 1 – Composition

The needs and resources of categorical programs require thatAlcott Elementary School Site Council membership include a broad representationof parents, community members, and staff. The membership of the AlcottElementary School Site Council shall be divided equally between Alcott staffmembers, and parent and/or community members. Within the school staff membership the majority must be teachers. One staffrepresentative shall be a classified member. The principal completes the staff membership.  Staff members who are also parents at theschool may not serve as a parent representative.  Whenever possible, the parent representativesshould represent the various communities present at Alcott Elementary. 

Section 2 – Term of Office

With the exception of the principal, members are elected fora two (2) year term.  The principal is apermanent position on the School Site Council. To ensure continuity, approximately one-half of the School Site Councilpositions shall be open at each annual election.  Members are eligible for re-election. 

Section 3 - Selection/Election of Members

Vacancies for staff members shall be announced at the firstmandatory staff meeting in August. Nominees for teacher vacancies shall be filled by a ballot vote byteachers.  The Classified vacancy will befilled by a vote of classified employees. Parent shall be notified of openings by parent handout or newslettersent home with students.  All nomineeswill be accepted. An election for the parent/community members will be held viaa ballot sent home with students.  The principal and SDEA representative shallcount the ballots.

Section 4 – Voting Rights

Each member shall be entitle to one vote and may cast thatvote on each matter submitted to a vote of the School Site Council.  Absentee ballots shall not be permitted.

Section 5 – Termination of Membership

A member shall no longer hold membership in the AlcottElementary School Site Council should he or she cease to be a resident of theAlcott Elementary Community or no longer meets the membership classificationunder which they were selected, e.g. a parent becomes employed by thedistrict.  Membership shall automaticallyterminate for any member who is absent from all regular meetings for a periodof three (3) consecutive months. Any member may be removed by a two-thirds voteof all members sitting on the School Site Council whenever, in the judgment ofthe council, the best interests of the council would be served thereby. Toresign from the Alcott Elementary School Site Council, a member shall send aletter so stating to the SSC Chairperson.

Section 6 – Replacements/Vacancies

Any vacancy on the council shall be filled for the remainderof the school year by appointment by the chairperson.  The appointment shall continue until the endof the school year.  If the unexpiredterm is for another full year thereafter, the term for that year shall befilled by the regular selection process.



Section 1 – Officers

The officers of the Alcott Elementary School Site Councilshall be a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, and such other officers asthe council may deem desirable. When the school has been designated as a TitleI school, the voting members of the SSC shall elect one representative and onealternate to represent the school at the District Advisory Council (DAC) duringthe designated school year.


Section 2 – Election and Terms of Office

The officers of the School Site Council shall be electedannually and shall serve for one year or until each successor has been elected.

Section 3 – Removal

Any officer may be removed by a two-thirds vote of allmembers sitting on the School Site Council whenever, in the judgment of thecouncil, the best interests of the council would be served thereby.

Section 4 – Vacancy

A vacancy in any office because of death, resignation,removal, disqualification, or otherwise shall, by special election, be filledby the School Site Council for the unexpired portion of the term.

Section 5 – Duties of the Chairperson

The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings of the SchoolSite Council and may sign letters, reports, and other communications of theSchool Site Council.  The chairpersonshall plan the agenda with the principal, ensure that all SSC bylaws are met,and perform all other duties incident to the office of Chairperson as may beassigned by the SSC.

Section 6 – Duties of the Vice Chairperson

The Vice Chairperson shall be to represent the Chairpersonin assigned duties and to substitute for the Chairperson during his or herabsence.  The Vice Chairperson shallperform other duties as from time to time may be assigned by the Chairperson orby the SSC.

Section 7 – Duties of the Secretary

The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the meetings, bothregular and special, and transmit legible minutes to each of the SSC membersand other persons as deemed necessary by the SSC, maintain a register of thename, address, telephone numbers and voting status of each member of the SSC,and in general perform all duties assigned by the Chairperson or SSC.

Section 8 – District Advisory Council Representative

The District Advisory Council (DAC) representative shallattend regular or special meetings of the District Advisory Committee andreport to the School Site Council about important issues and decisions.



The School Site Council may from time to time establish andabolish such standing or special committees as it may desire.  No standing or special committee may exercisethe authority of the School Site Council. The Chairperson shall appoint volunteer members to the variouscommittees.  A majority of the committeeshall constitute a quorum, and the act of a majority of the members present ata meeting at which a quorum is present shall be the act of the committee. 


Meetings of theSchool Site Council

Section 1 – Regular Meetings

The School Site Council shall meet monthly for at leasteight (8) months of the school year and be open to the public.  Typically, the School Site Council will beheld following the Site Governance Team Meeting. 

Section 2 – Special Meetings

Special meetings may be called by the chairperson or bymajority vote of the School Site Council and be open to the public.

Section 3 – Place of Meetings

The School Site Council shall hold its regular and specialmeetings in a facility provided by the school and readily accessible to allmembers of the public, including handicapped persons.

Section 4 – Notice of Meetings

Public notice shall be given of regular meetings at least 72hours in advance of the meeting.    TheSSC may not take any action on any item of business unless that item hasappeared on the posted agenda or unless the SSC members present, by unanimousvote, find that there is a need to take immediate action and the need foraction came to the attention of the SSC subsequent to the posting of theagenda. 

Any change in the established date, time, or location mustbe given special notice.  All specialmeetings shall be publicized.  Anyrequired notice shall be in writing, shall state the day, hour, and location ofthe meeting, and shall be delivered either personally or by mail to each membernot less than 72 hours prior to the date of such meeting.

Section 5 – Decisions of the School Site Council

All decisions of the School Site Council shall be made onlyafter an affirmative vote of a majority of its members in attendance, provideda quorum is in attendance. 

Section 6 - Quorum

At least 50% of the parent group and 50% of the staff groupshall be required in order to constitute a quorum necessary for the transactionof the business of the School Site Council.

Section 7 – Conduct of Meetings

All regular and special meetings of the School Site Councilshall be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order or inaccordance with appropriate adaptation thereof.


Changes or Amendments

Changes/Amendments to the Alcott Elementary School SiteCouncil bylaws may be made by a vote of the School Site Council.