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Welcome to Adams Elementary School Library!

Welcome to

Adams Elementary School Library!

Public Elementary School Libraries today find ourselves in a unique position of being able to directly influence student achievement. It is our goal to help students access information and use it.  At Adams, we are working together to produce life-long learners.  
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Children Who Read, Are the Ones who Succeed!

  If your child reads a little each day, it will improve their over all performance in school.

The first week of school, a letter was sent home to all parents or guardians.  If you misplaced yours and need to review what it said, please click here. 

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It is never too late to return that lost book.  Please helpyour child search carefully.  If it should suddenly turn up, please return it as soon as possible.  We are always happy to welcome back lost and missing books.  Some books that were removed from the collection were given out last year.  Those do NOT need to be returned. 

Can't find your book?  Look under your bed, in the back of the closet, under the couch, behind the curtains... think of the craziest place in the world that it might be, and then look there.  If it has a spine label and a barcode, it probably belongs to the library!  Good luck!

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