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Miss Dargan - 2016-2017 Adams Elementary Teacher of the Year!

Congratulations to Patricia Dargan for her 29 years of service to the students and families of Adams Elementary.  Miss Dargan is a devoted, hard working teacher who pours her heart and soul into providing an amazing learning experiencefor her students.  She expects a lot from her class, and because they know how much she cares about them, they meet and exceed those high standards.  Whether its reading a favorite Gerald and Piggie book, exercising at her Motor Lab stations, Whack-it balloons on Valentines Day, Miss Dargan tries to make each lesson extra special!  Not only is she a great teacher, she's also a great learner.  She challenges herself to try new strategies, create flipcharts, and of course, purchase engaging learning materials from TPT!  Miss Dargan's students continuously delight her not only in their accomplishments and progress, but also in their humorous anecdotes.  Thank you, Miss Dargan, for all the long hours, endless planning, and expecially for the love you have given us all!