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Ms. Husted • Transitional Kinder/Kindergarten

Ms. Husted

TK/Kindergarten, Room 1


“It Takes A Village.”-By Hillary Clinton


When you enter my classroom, students will be engaged in work that could be independent, with partners, small groups, or whole class.  We will be engaged in problem solving and justifying our solutions.We embrace mistakes and work collaboratively to ensure that all students understand. In kindergarten, the foundations of Language Arts begin and we encourage the joy of learning. Students are excited to read, write, and share thinking with each other.  We are a STEAM school. In math, we justify our thinking by making representations, explaining, and asking genuine questions. We use art to demonstrate and enhance our learning in core subjects.  If you were to come in during Science or Engineering you would see design projects utilizing recycled materials or a student inspired experiment. In Social Studies we are learning to be good citizens that help to make our community better.


I graduated from San Diego State University, received a teaching credential from California State University, and finally completed my masters at Brandman University in Curriculum and Design.

I have been teaching over 10 years. I have taught Sixth Grade English and Science for most of my career. I was always looking for an opportunity to teach Kindergarten.I am very happy with this transition.


I have one son named Jayden.  He is my pride and joy! Jayden and I both love adventures with our two dogs Kona and Trek.  We often like to hike and camp with them. They are fun loving  Australian Shepherds.  Currently we are awaiting a litter of puppies.  Our house will be full of puppy love and kisses.