The purpose of our Internship Program is to build the capacity of competent School Psychologist candidates who serve a wide range of student needs within schools. This includes prevention, intervention, counseling, consultation, assessment, and program evaluation. Internships are based on the guidelines set forth by the National Association for School Psychologists (NASP). We provide interns the ability to work with a variety of student populations and perform a wide range of school psychologist duties in order to meet the university requirements and obtain the Pupil Personnel Services Credential.

San Diego Unified is the second largest school district in California. Due to its size and diverse population, we are able to offer interns a unique opportunity to obtain a breadth of skills through our rotations across different programs and school environments. Interns may spend one to two days a week in a rotation that will not only meet university requirements but also provide the intern with a glance of the different ways school psychologists provide services to students. The purpose of the rotation is to build the skills of the intern. Typically, rotations begin around mid-October, or when the intern and supervisor determine the intern is ready. Below are possible rotation opportunities within our district:
  • Elementary/Middle/High School (Comprehensive campuses)
  • Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE): This program serves infants, and children ages three to five years. Provides interns an opportunity to participate in a transdisciplinary model of assessment including arena based assessment. Exposure to a variety of disabilities including autism, mental retardation, and low incidence and unusual disabilities.
  • Whittier School: This program serves ages 5-22 and offers exposure to consultation/collaboration; observation/data collection and analysis; functional analysis assessment/behavior intervention planning; staff development/training (improving as a presenter); screening of referrals for enhanced supports for a students in a seperate special education school.
  • Alternative Learning and Behavior Attitude (ALBA) community school: This program serves elementary, middle, and high school. This is a short-term placement for students who are expelled from their comprehensive school. A rotation provides participation exposure to a learning center approach, experience writing behavior plans, conducting manifestation determination meetings, collaboration with school staff, possible opportunities to provide in-services, possible co-teaching opportunities, and knowledge of the expulsion process.
  • Riley and New Dawn: This program offers more insight in class management and behavior support for students with an emotional disturbance. Interns will learn procedures for change of placement to more restrictive environments, expulsions, manifestations, and behavior intervention plans. Additionally interns will get exposure to non-public and day treatment schools.
  • Low Incidence: This program offers the opportunity to develop familiarity with low incidence programs; consultation with staff and parents regarding learning, behavioral and emotional issues; conduct initial and 3-year assessments of students; develop IEPs, BIPs, etc.
  • Licensed Children’s Institutions (LCI) (short-term rotation): This program offers experience working with non traditional schools including day treatment, residential, court dependency, and pregnant minors.
  • TRACE: TRACE started over 20 years ago by providing servies as outlined in IDEA legislation that mandated services for students until they receive a diploma or turn 22 years of age.  Later in revisions of IDEA it called specifically for Transition Serices and directed the schools to focus those special education sesrvices in an "outcome" and later "results" oriented process for students 16 years and beyond.
All internships within SDUSD are full time, typically paid (depending on budget availability), and require a school year long commitment. Interviews for internships for the upcoming school year begin in April. We begin accepting portfolios on February 26, 2018.

Internship Application Procedures

We have a careful selection procedure for potential interns, which includes presentation of a portfolio of your work and a resume.  Our district has determined that the minimum of 450 hours of practicum must be completed by the current school year in order to apply for an internship position in accordance with standards specified by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (www.ctc.ca.gov).  Applicants from out-of-state must be enrolled in a NASP-approved program to be considered for an internship with San Diego Unified School District.  If you have completed the necessary coursework and practicum hours, please submit your portfolio to the Related and Specialized Services office.


Your portfolio (application packet) should include the following materials:

·            Resume / vitae

·            Unofficial transcripts of graduate course work

·            Copy of the university’s requirements and coursework for school psychology

·            Copy of Certificate of Clearance

·            Copy of current TB test

·            Copy of most recent practicum evaluation of fieldwork from previous supervisor

·            One psycho-educational report with identifying information deleted

·            One sample of an intervention plan or an accommodation plan

·            Two letters of recommendation (at least one from a former supervisor)


Beginning February 26, 2018 you may submit the completed portfolio to the Related and Specialized Services office, where your portfolio will be reviewed (4350 Mt. Everest Blvd. Room B-7, San Diego, CA 92117).  Check with the RSS office for exact due date for portfolio submission.  Typically portfolios must be received by the Related and Specialized Services Office prior to spring break.  Due to the large number of individuals interested in San Diego Unified School District, not all applicants will be asked for an interview or accepted for an internship position.  Interviews may include a writing sample of a case analysis.  We wish to identify talented interns who meet district needs and are potential candidates for district employment as school psychologists.  Your interest is appreciated.

School Psychology Intern Letter/Application/Flyer:

Internship Cover Letter

/sites/default/files_link/district/files/dept/school_psychology_services/Cover Letter Internship 2017-2018.doc

Internship Applicant Letter

/sites/default/files_link/district/files/dept/school_psychology_services/Internship Applicant Letter 2017-2018.doc

Internship Flyer

/sites/default/files_link/district/files/dept/school_psychology_services/Internship Flyer 2017-2018.doc

Current Applications/Portfolios are due by March 16, 2018.


Please contact Rodrigo Enciso if you have additional questions regarding SDUSDs internship program. renciso@sandi.net