The following are answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding Choice for 2017-18:

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The deadline to submit an online Choice application is midnight on November 14, 2016.  After the deadline, applications will only be accepted for new-to-district students--including military and all incoming TK/Kindergarten pupils--and for families who move to a different area within the district boundaries.


All Choice applications will be verified for accuracy of information by the NSEO staff, and in early February 2017, a computerized, weighted, random lottery will be conducted. 


First Choice acceptance notification letters will be sent via U.S. mail in February 2017 to the address on file with your child's application.  Letters will direct parents to contact the school of Choice to confirm enrollment. Schools will receive the Choice lists as well and will also contact families to confirm acceptance.

Families who did not receive their first Choice school will not receive a letter, but will be contacted should any vacancy occur and their child is next in queue.   Beginning mid-March 2017, 2nd Choice school sites will contact parents directly, in order of their list, should space become available.  At the end of March 2017, 3rd Choice sites will contact parents should space space become available.  After all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Choice applicants have been processed for a school, the school will then be able to request late applicants if there is still space available.  Specific wait list information will not be made public.

Schools may only enroll Choice applicants until they have reached a pre-determined "non-resident" capacity for each grade level.  Some schools have very low non-resident capacity and very high numbers of applications.  If you applied to only these types of schools, your child's chances of acceptance will be very low.  By mid March, if you have not been contacted by a school of your Choice, your child will not likely be enrolled there, and you are encouraged to visit your neighborhood school to request a tour.

Choice enrollment, with the exception of new-to-district students, will be completed by April 2017 for the 2017-18 school year.  If there are summer drops that create space for applicants, families may be contacted when school offices reopen in August. Choice applications become null on August 28, 2017.


Interdistrict Attendance Permits for the 2017-18 school year will be accepted beginning March 1, 2017. These permits must be processed in person.


San Diego Unified is proud to offer a number of award-winning neighborhood schools along with a variety of other enrollment choices. Visiting your neighborhood school is a great place to start.

*Update* We have 3 new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Magnet schools that have just been announced:

  • Carson Elementary
  • Linda Vista Elementary
  • Montgomery Middle  

For School Choice options for the 2017-18 school year, parents/guardians must submit an online application from October 3 through November 14, 2016.

Applications will not be accepted after the priority deadline unless the student is new to the district or is a current San Diego Unified student who has a change of residence. Proof of new address is required.


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 (Applications accepted October 3 through November 14)
(Solicitudes aceptadas entre el 3 de octubre al 14 de noviembre)


To help you determine the chances of your child being accepted at the first Choice school, refer to the historical data, linked below.
(Note: This recent historical information is for reference only, and not a guarantee of acceptance rates, since the number of applications received varies year to year.)
For additional information, please contact the Neighborhood Schools and Enrollment Options office at (619) 260-2410 or submit questions online.  
Please note:
  • Online is the preferred method of submission for applications. If families are unable to use the online application they should contact our office at (619) 260-2410, send an email to, or contact any school for assistance.
  • Applications will be accepted after November 14th only for new students and those with a verifiable change of address.
  • When applying for kindergarten, you must select Pre-K for the current grade level. For Transitional Kindergarten, please select the check box. 

Online applications are not available for some district schools.  Please contact the school directly if you wish to enroll your child at any of the following schools:

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