Be an even more Involved Parent

Our successful program has become a national model for strengthening the all-important connection between schools and student families.

Research has proven over and over that the more involved families are in their children's education, the greater the academic achievement.

Since launching Parent University more than a decade ago,, our strategy has been clear and direct: We train you -- the families and guardians -- to become their academic coaches. We prepare you to more effectively motivate, nurture and referee their scholastic life. After all, great coaching is where champions are made.

What kind of training is available? We offer free classes for parents, families and guardians to support their children academically from kindergarten through high school graduation. In addition, we offer parenting classes aimed at helping you raise healthy and happy kids.

What classes do you offer - and when and where are they held? Classes are now exclusively offered at schools
throughout the school year through our San Diego Parent U VisitingTeacher Program. As of March 2013, we have
taught/presented to over 40 school sites.Class offerings are
customized according to each school's needs.For more information,
please contact Derri Ironfield; her contact information is below.


LogoDerri Ironfield, Coordinator, (619) 293-4431

How to make the most of Parent University

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