The San Diego Unified School District, is requesting highly qualified development teams to respond to this Request for Proposals for a team to design, construct, operate and maintain Revere Center, located at 6735 Gifford Way, San Diego, CA 92111 and as further described in this RFP.

Revere Center Request for Proposals for Joint Occupancy Development

Per the Request for Proposals for Joint Occupancy Development of Revere Center (RFP),  Section 5.0, Paragraph D, the district can change the RFP review timetable “at District’s sole discretion and without prior notice.”  As such, to allow proposers ample time to consider community input and all potential revenue sources for use of the site the deadline for final responses to the RFP is now Friday, May 26, 2017.  This extension provides all proposers additional time to ensure that they present the district with comprehensive and thoughtful proposals.   

  • The above-highlighted modification effects Section 5.1, Paragraph B which shall now read as follows:   “Final responses to the RFP are due on May 26, 2017, by 3:00 pm Pacific Standard Time.  Any submission received after 3:00 pm Pacific Time will not be considered.”  
  • Any other references in the RFP relating to the due date for final responses shall now be Friday, May 26, 2017. 

 At this time there are no other changes, updates and/or deletions to the RFP.



Question: Does the District have an ALTA survey or topographical plan of the Revere Center site?

Answer: No, sorry.

Question: Assuming we provide an elevator, can the 15,000 sf food lab be multiple stories tall? Or must it all be on one level.

Answer: Yes, the 15,000 sf educational and support service district facility (which will include a food lab) could be multi-story and must be ADA compliant in any configuration. Note:  Correction to terminology used in the question: “the food lab” is a component of the educational and support service district facility.

Question: While visiting the site with Tracy yesterday, she mentioned there were plans of the existing building and the site on file; she would make them available to us if we submitted the request as a question. If PDFs are not available and one can only view the hardcopies, please let us know how we can do so.

Answer: Yes, upon request, plans are available for viewing at the district real estate office. Please contact Tracey Tincknell, Property Management Specialist at to set up an appointment.

Question: Is there a geotechnical report available?

Answer: No.

Question: Are you aware of any existing conditions that would need to be mitigated / remediated, such as asbestos?

Answer: The district has not performed testing of any materials at this site.  Given the age of the school building construction (late 50s) and its subsequent improvements, conditions could exist that require mitigation/remediation.

Question: Is the district open to a shared parking arrangement, whereby the residents may utilize the food lab parking after operating hours?

Answer: Yes, in coordination with district and Civic Center Act use. Note:  Correction to terminology used in the question: “the food lab” is a component of the educational and support service district facility.

Question: How many bidders submitted interest/qualifications documents?

Answer: Four.


Click here for comments from Community meeting held April 20, 2017, 5:30pm