The following letter was mailed on October 18, 2017 to retirees currently enrolled on a district group health plan:

Click on the picture below for our comprehensive Retiree Benefits Information Guide to San Diego Unified School District’s health benefit plans.  This guide provides detailed information on eligibility, enrollment, and benefit summaries on health, dental and vision plans, life insurance and retirement savings plans.




Medicare Information:

Medicare Plan Comparisons

 Finding a Provider Online - UHC Medicare Advantage HMO & PPO Plans

Enrollment Forms

If you are making a change to a different medical carrier, please also submit a disenrollment form for the current carrier.  Return all forms to the Employee Benefits Department.

Under Age 65 Plan Comparisons

Dental Plan Comparison


UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage PPO Plan Information (formerly UnitedHealthcare Senior Supplement)

Medicare Advantage PPO PowerPoint Presentation (prepared by UnitedHealthcare)

Special Fund Amounts for Each Bargaining Unit Retiree to Offset Premium Cost (Attachment H)

POA (pending PORAC RMT information)
AASD - Represented
Non-represented Managers and Confidentials