To all Ten and Eleven month and hourly classified employees:

Due to the Covid-19 closure of District offices and schools, past procedures for offering reasonable assurance via individual letters distributed to their assigned district sites could not be accomplished this year. 

Section 1253.3 of the CA Unemployment Insurance Code requires the district to notify school employees who have reasonable assurance of reemployment in the upcoming school year if the district is to be exempt from paying unemployment insurance benefits during vacation, holidays and any other periods of recess.

All ten and eleven month classified employees as well as classified hourly and clerical substitutes are receiving their notification of reasonable assurance via this notice and through US Mail to home addresses.  Mailings are scheduled for May 5, 2020. If your home address is wrong in PeopleSoft, please make any corrections so we can re-mail your notification when the original is sent back as undeliverable.

If you have any questions you may email the Risk Management Department at: