As San Diego Unified School District continues to adjust to the impacts of the coronavirus, the need for safety through social distancing warrants that we continue to keep our school campuses and administrative sites closed during this pandemic until further notice.

For the protection of our students, families and community, Civic Center rentals are discontinued through June 30, 2020.  All facility rental permits will be cancelled and full refunds will be issued as soon as possible.  There are many refunds to process and, with administrative sites closed, staff will be working from home to process these refunds.  We thank you in advance for your patience.

Please check back on San Diego Unified’s website: from time-to-time for an update on when SDUSD will open school sites. Civic Center rentals may not resume until after school sites are reopened.  We appreciate your understanding.

Developer/School Impact Fees

Our department is working diligently to process Developer/School Impact Fees and Certificates of Compliance as quickly as possible.

Please email your Approval Sheet and/or Project Number and all other relevant information to

You will receive a reply email with your fee calculation.

Please send a check made payable to the SDUSD and include a phone number, email address and project number on your check

Send all payments to:



4860 Ruffner Street, Annex 14

San Diego, CA 92111


Once payment is received by SDUSD we will create the Certificate of Compliance and email it to the email address associated with your City of San Diego Approval Sheet, as well as DSD at the City of San Diego.


The Real Estate Department provides the District leadership in the areas of strategic portfolio planning and optimization, property management and information related to easements, assessments, encroachments, permits, leases, licenses, and developer fees. The Real Estate Department should be consulted and contacted regarding the use of district facilities, or any use by district staff of non-district owned facilities, as agreements may be required and must be approved by the Board of Education.


Real Estate Department Vision Statement


The Real Estate Department contributes to the creation of opportunities for students through support services dedicated to the stewardship and community use of district’s real estate assets in alignment with Vision 2020 goals.  This is achieved through a real estate utilization strategy that includes:

  • Maximizing the public use of district owned sited and open space;
  • Pursuing long term joint development opportunities by developing properties as neighborhood centers providing neighborhood services;
  • Building capacity to generate ongoing revenue that directly supports school sites;
  • Creating partnerships that help maintain real estate assets to a high standard and resource for the community.


  • As service providers, we are dedicated to delivering exceptionally high quality, timely and responsive solutions to our stakeholders.
  • As team members, we are collaborative, supportive, respectful of differences, and committed to fairness and diversity in all our interactions, both within and outside the team.
  • As individuals, we are engaged in our mission, accountable for results, and subscribe to the highest standards of integrity and ethics in everything we do.
  • Our goal is to be valued and trusted partners, recognized for creativity, expertise and commitment to district objectives.