Children showing off their artwork

Map and Locations of Child Development Centers and Pre-K for All Schools for 2018-19

Pre-K For All

  • Offering part-day (3 hour), extended-day (6 hour) and full-day (6-8 hour) options 

Child Development Centers

  • Assist parents by providing a 12-month educational enrichment program for preschool age children (ages 2.5-5 years).
  • Centers hours of operation vary, with some sessions at 6.5 hours in length. 
  • Parents of participating children must meet income eligibility requirements and must either be employed, in a training program or attending college, or incapacitated. Children at risk of abuse or neglect are also eligible.

Income Qualification

Provides a no-cost part-day (3-hour) AM or PM and full day (full day offered at limited sites) comprehensive developmental program for 3 to 5 year-olds. Families must meet income eligibility requirements and are encouraged to take an active part in their child’s classroom. Provides meals to children, referrals to health and social services and staff development opportunities for employees.

Required Documents for Registration

  • PK-12 Enrollment Form
  • Certification of Parent Application
  •  Child’s Health Record
  • Health Screenings Form
  • CAIR form
  • Immunization Record
  • Proof of income (pay stubs must be current within 30 days of registration. At least two consecutive pay stubs for the most recent one month's pay, Leave Service Earnings, Notice of Action or statement from caseworker must be provided).
  • Proof of residence (Acceptable documents: utility bills such as telephone, gas and electric, water, cable, correspondence from the Department of Social Services, or rental agreement.)
  • Enrolling Child's Birth Certificate
  • Sibling(s) birth certificate

 Cal-SAFE Program(serving all middle and high schools within San Diego Unified)

  • Provides expectant and parenting teens with support services while completing their high school education
  • Provides an Expectant Teen Classroom at Garfield High School
  • Provides an Infant/Toddler Childcare Center at Garfield and Twain High Schools for Cal-SAFE enrolled students

 Head Start Collaboration

  • A collaborative between San Diego Unified School District and Neighborhood House Association
  • Federally funded child development program for low-income children and their families
  • Provides a comprehensive, interdisciplinary program to foster development as well as health and social services
  • Each class is staffed by a teacher, an associate teacher, and parent volunteers