Position descriptions are listed in alphabetical order by job title. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the PDF format. 


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Accounting Support Assistant

Accounting Technician

Accounts Payable Clerk

Accounts Payable Specialist 
Accounts Payable Supervisor

Administrative Aide

Administrative Aide – Indian Education

Administrative Assistant I

Administrative Assistant II

Administrative Claims Assistant

Administrative Coordinator to the Board of Education

Administrative Secretary

Administrative Secretary I

Administrative Secretary II

Administrator, Balboa Park Program

Administrator, Business Operations

Administrator, Certificated Recruitment and Staffing

Administrator, Child Development Center

Administrator, Human Resource Services

Administrator, Instructional Operations

Administrator on Special Assignment (Office of the Deputy Superintendent)

Administrator, Palomar Program

Air Filter Service Worker

Applications Training Specialist

Applied Behavior Analysis Supervisor

Architectural Administrative Aide

Architectural Drafting Technician I

Architectural Drafting Technician II

Architectural Drafting Technician III

Area Superintendent (Instructional Support Services)

Art Assistant

Art Instructional Assistant

Artist Illustrator I

Artist Illustrator II

Artist in Residence

Asbestos Abatement Worker

Asbestos Inspector

Asbestos Program Supervisor

Asphalt Machine Operator

Assistant Area Superintendent (K-12)

Assistant Data Processing Operator

Assistant Director, Food and Distribution Services

Assistant District Architect

Assistant Garage Supervisor

Assistant General Counsel I

Assistant General Counsel II

Assistant General Counsel, Special Ed

Assistant Systems Analyst/Programmer

Assistant to the Board of Education I

Assistant to the Board of Education II

Associate Budget Analyst

Associate General Counsel

Associate Legislative Financial Accountant

Associate Systems Analyst/Programmer

Athletics Assistant

Attendance Assistant

Attendance Specialist


Audit Manager, Information Systems

Audit Manager, Operations

Audit Manager, Special Education

Auto Body Repair Technician

Automotive Mechanic Helper

Automotive Repair Technician

Automotive Service Worker

AVID Assistant


A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Top

Behavior Support Specialist

Braille Compensatory Skills Assistant I

Braille Compensatory Skills Assistant II

Braille Specialist I

Braille Specialist II

Budget Analyst

Budget Analyst - Systems Applications

Budget Data Clerk

Budget Planning Support Assistant

Budget Records Clerk

Budget Records Technician

Budget Specialist

Budget Supervisor

Budget Systems Analyst

Budget Technician

Building Inspector I

Building Inspector II

Building Maintenance Worker

Building Services Supervisor I

Building Services Supervisor II

Building Services Supervisor III

Building Services Supervisor/Special Schools

Building Systems Project Coordinator

Building Systems Project Manager

Bus Dispatcher

Bus Driver Instructor

Bus Monitor

Bus Operations Supervisor



A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Top

Campus Police Officer

Campus Security Assistant

Career Technician I


Cataloging Clerk

Cataloging Clerk II

Cataloging Specialist

Cement Mason

Certificated Salary Specialist

Chief Administrative Officer

Chief Business Officer

Chief, Facilities Planning and Construction

Chief Human Resources Officer

Chief, Information and Technology Officer

Chief Innovation Officer

Chief, Leadership and Learning

Chief Logistics Officer

Chief of Staff

Chief Operations Officer

Chief, Police Services

Chief Public Information Officer

Chief, Research and Evaluation Officer

Child Development Center Maintenance Worker

Childcare Activity Assistant

Childcare Activity Leader

Child Development Center Assistant

Child Development Center Assistant - Head Start

Children's Center Clerk

Children's Centers Attendant

Civil Engineering Drafting Technician I

Civil Engineering Drafting Technician II

Civil Engineering Project Manager

Civil/Environmental Engineering Coordinator

Class 1 Construction Inspector

Class 2 Construction Inspector

Class 3 Construction Inspector

Classified Peer Coach

Classroom Assistant

Clerk Bookkeeper

Clerk Typist I

Clerk Typist II

Clerk Typist III

Clinical Psychologist

Communications Specialist

Community Arts Program Assistant

Community Assistant I

Community Assistant I (Community-Bases English Tutoring Program)

Community Assistant I (Connections)

Community Assistant I (Special Education-Parent Facilitator) 

Community Assistant II

Community Assistant II (Parent Center)

Community Assistant II (Special Education-Parent Facilitator)

Community Home Education School Assistant

Community Relations Programs Assistant

Community Services Officer

Community Services Specialist II

Computer Assistant

Computer Repair Technician

Computer Support Technician

Confidential Administrative Assistant I

Confidential Administrative Assistant II

Confidential Executive Assistant to the Superintendent

Confidential Human Resources Administrative Assistant

Confidential Secretary, School Police Services

Confidential Secretary I

Confidential Secretary II

Confidential Secretary III

Confidential Senior Clerk

Construction Crew Leader

Construction Contracts Assistant

Construction Contracts Support Specialist

Construction Management Supervisor

Construction Manager

Construction Projects Program Supervisor

Construction Site Document Control Specialist

Contract Compliance Coordinator

Contract Specialist

Contracts Administration Supervisor



Credential Specialist

Credential Technician

Crew Leader II

Curriculum Support Assistant

Custodial Operations Program Supervisor

Custodial Operations Supervisor

Custodial Services Supervisor


Custodian Crew Leader

Custodian Crew Supervisor


A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Top

Dance Assistant

Data Base Analyst

Data Base Coordinator

Data Communications Analyst

Data Communications Coordinator

Data Communications Specialist

Data Communications Technician I

Data Communications Technician II

Data Entry Operator

Data Processing Aide

Data Processing Clerk I

Data Processing Clerk II

Data Processing Operator

Deaf Adult Services Interpreter

Delivery Services Driver


Demographics Clerk

Dental Health Specialist

Department Aide

Deputy General Counsel and Chief General Counsel to Labor Relations

Deputy Superintendent

Director, Advanced Placement Incentive Grant Program

Director, Applications

Director, Assessment Services

Director, Board Services

Director, Budget Development

Director, Charter Schools Office

Director, Child Development Programs

Director, College, Career and Technical Education

Director, Communications

Director, Construction

Director, Construction Management Department
Director, Data Analysis and Reporting

Director, Due Process Hearings and Mediation

Director, Early Childhood Education

Director, Educational Technology

Director, Facilities Planning and Construction Special Projects

Director, Financial Planning, Monitoring and Accountability

Director, Fiscal Controls and Information Systems

Director, Food Services Department

Director, Gifted and Talented Education

Director, Government Relations

Director, High School Instructional Support

Director, Human Resources

Director, Information Technology and Support Services

Director, Institute Support and Professional Development

Director, Instructional Facilities Planning

Director, Internal Audit

Director, Labor Relations

Director, Magnet Schools

Director, Middle School Instructional Support

Director of Finance for Support Services

Director, Neighborhood Schools and Enrollment Options

Director, Physical Education, Health Education, Interscholastic Athletics, and Nursing and Wellness

Director, Physical Plant Operations

Director, Planning and Accountability

Director, Professional Development for Administrator Support and Integrated Teams

Director, Professional Development for Instructional Support

Director, Project Management Department

Director, Public Involvement

Director, Real Estate

Director, Reconnection

Director, Research and Development

Director, Resource Development

Director, School Choice

Director, School Innovation 

Director, Special Education 

Director, Special Projects-Operations 

Director, Sponsored Programs

Director, Student Programs and Professional Learning

Director, Student Support Service Teams and Resource Networks

Director, Teacher Preparation and Support

Director, Transportation Services Department

Director, Visual and Performing Arts

Distance Learning and Digital Media Specialist


Duplicating Aide


A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V WX Y Z Top


Editorial Assistant

Educational Complex Director

Educational Interpreter

Educational Interpreter Supervisor

Educational Research Specialist

Educational Transcriber I

Educational Transcriber II

Educational Transcriber III

Educational Transcriber Supervisor

Electrical Project Manager


Electrician (Motor Repair)

Electronic Equipment Technician (Audiovisual)

Electronic Equipment Technician (Communications)

Elementary School Assistant

Emergency Power Unit Technician

Employee Benefit Services Supervisor

Employee Benefits Clerk

Employee Benefits Specialist

Employee Benefits Technician

Employer Outreach Specialist

Employment and Testing Supervisor

Energy Management System Specialist

Energy/Telecommunications Supervisor

Energy/Utility Inspector

Energy/Utility Program Coordinator

Energy/Utilities Program Supervisor

English as a Second Language Assistant

Environmental Health and Safety Program Supervisor

Equipment Repair Assistant

Equipment Repair Technician I (Audiovisual)

Equipment Repair Technician I (Electrical)

Equipment Repair Technician I (Mechanical)

Equipment Repair Technician II (Mechanical)

Equipment Services Specialist

Equipment/Safety Services Program Coordinator

Ethics Officer

Evaluation Administrative Aide

Evaluation Administrative Assistant


Executive Director, Government Relations

Executive Director, Human Resources

Executive Director, Information Technology


Executive Director, Online Learning

Executive Director, Parent Education, Family and Community Engagement

Executive Director, Special Education

Executive Director, Standards, Assessment, and Accountability

Executive Director, Student Services

Executive Director, Teacher Preparation and Support

Executive Secretary


Extended Day Assistant

Extended Learning Business Specialist

Extended Learning Programs Clerk

Extended Day Learning Program Leader

External Funding Budget Assistant

Extraboard Bus Driver


A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V WX Y Z Top

Facilities Communication Liaison

Facilities Communications Supervisor

Facilities Contract Supervisor

Facilities Development Business Outreach Coordinator

Facilities Development Project Coordinator

Facilities Development Project Manager I

Facilities Development Project Manager II

Facilities Development Project Manager III

Facilities Management Information System Coordinator

Facilities Planner

Facilities Systems Project Engineer

Family Services Assistant

Fence Erector

Film Inspector


Fingerprinting Clerk

Fire and Intrusion Alarm Technician

Fire Equipment Service Technician

Fiscal Clerk

Fiscal Control Clerk

Fiscal Control Supervisor

Fiscal Control Technician

Fleet Garage Parts Specialist


Food Service Site Leader

Food Service Worker I

Food Service Worker II

Food Services Accounting Clerk

Food Services Area Supervisor

Food Services Business Coordinator

Food Services Business Operations Supervisor

Food Services Catering Coordinator

Food Services Computer Technician

Food Services Facilities Supervisor

Food Services Field Support Specialist

Food Services Food Management Specialist

Food Services Information System Technician

Food Services Information Systems Analyst

Food Services Labor Specialist

Food Services Lead Truck Driver

Food Services Marketing Coordinator

Food Services Operations Support Supervisor

Food Services Planning Supervisor

Food Services Program Specialist

Food Services Quality Control Specialist

Food Services Regional Field Manager


Food Services Training Specialist

Food Services Truck Driver

Freezer Worker


A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V WX Y Z Top

Garage Supervisor

Gas Equipment Repair Specialist I

Gas Equipment Repair Specialist II

General Counsel


Grounds Maintenance Specialist

Guidance Assistant

Guidance Assistant EMHI


A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V WX Y Z Top

Head Counselor

Health Assistant

Health Services Case Worker I

Health Services Case Worker II

Health Services Outreach Assistant

Health Technician

Heavy Equipment Operator

Help Desk Lead

High School Registrar

Human Resource Services Coordinator

Human Resource Services Supervisor

Human Resources Officer

Human Resources Specialist


A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V WX Y Z Top

Impact Aid Survey Technician

Independent Study Assistant

Information Clerk

Information Services Bureau Service Representative

Information Services Specialist

Information Technology Associate Production Specialist

Information Technology Associate Operations Computer Systems Specialist

Information Technology Liaison

Information Technology Operations Computer Systems Specialist

Information Technology Production Specialist

Information Technology Supervisor

Instructional Assistant II

Instructional Coordinator

Instructional Designer/Content Developer

Instructional Materials Clerk

Instructional Materials Developer

Instructional Materials Services Clerk

Instructional Materials Technician


Integrated Technology Support Specialist l

Integrated Technology Support Specialist ll

Integrated Technology Support Specialist lll

Internal Investigator

Inventory Clerk

Inventory and Equipment Assistant


Irrigation Control System Specialist

Irrigation Systems Technician


A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V WX Y Z Top

Job Referral Clerk


A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V WX Y Z Top

Labor Compliance and Construction Contracts Supervisor

Labor Relations Specialist

Laborer I

Laborer II

Landscape Drafting Technician

Landscape Inspector

Landscape Operations Program Supervisor

Landscape Projects Coordinator

Landscape Services Supervisor

Landscape Technician I

Landscape Technician II


Lead Construction Manager

Lead Delivery Services Driver

Lead Educational Transcriber

Lead Electronic Equipment Technician

Lead Electronic Equipment Technician (Communications)

Lead Employee Benefits Technician

Lead Equipment Repair Technician


Lead Human Resources Analyst

Lead Ironworker

Lead Landscape Technician

Lead Licensed Mental Health Clinician

Lead Mail Services Clerk

Lead Mobile Maintenance Worker

Lead Motor Equipment Repair Specialist

Lead Painter

Lead Planner/Estimator/Inspector

Lead Police Dispatcher

Lead Principal

Lead Provisioning Specialist

Lead Sheetmetal Worker

Lead Signal Technician

Lead Steamfitter

Lead Truck Driver

Legal Admin Assistant I

Legislative Assistant

Legislative Financial Accountant

Legislative Mandates Specialist

Library Assistant

Library Media Teacher

Licensed Mental Health Clinician

Light Duty Coordinator

Light Equipment Operator

Locker Room Attendant



A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V WX Y Z Top

Mail and Delivery Services Supervisor

Mail Services Clerk

Maintenance Aide

Maintenance and Operations Information Systems Analyst

Maintenance and Operations Program Assistant

Maintenance Construction Contracting Supervisor

Maintenance Construction Inspector

Maintenance Information Systems Analyst

Maintenance Parts Clerk

Maintenance Planning Senior Coordinator

Maintenance Planning Supervisor

Maintenance, Repair, and Construction Supervisor

Maintenance Scheduler

Maintenance Services Supervisor

Manager, Accounts Payable

Manager, Auxiliary Services Controls

Manager, Budget Development

Manager, Business Development

Manager, Certificated Human Resources

Manager, Community Relations

Manager, Charter Schools

Manager, Classified Personnel

Manager, Contracts Compliance

Manager, Contract Services

Manager, Custodial Services

Manager, Dropout Prevention

Manager, Elementary and Secondary Education Act

Manager, Employee Benefits

Manager, Environmental Health and Safety

Manager, Facilities Planning

Manager, Financial Accounting

Manager, Financial Operations

Manager, Financial Reporting

Manager, Financial Planning

Manager, Fiscal Control

Manager, Fleet Maintenance

Manager, Food Services Acquisition and Production

Manager, Human Resources

Manager, Human Resources Information Technology

Manager, Information Technology

Manager, Instructional Facilities Planning

Manager, Instructional Materials

Manager, Insurance and Risk Services 

Manager, Interagency Coordinated Services

Manager, Materiel Control

Manager, Outreach Program

Manager Parent Center

Manager, Physical Plant Operations Program Management
Manager, Position Control and Financial Reporting

Manager, Procurement and Contracts

Manager, Resource Development

Manager, Safety, Training, Personnel and Environmental Compliance

Manager, School-to-Career

Manager Translation and Community Services

Manager, Transportation Operations

Materiel Control Analyst

Material Coordinator

Materiel Data Coordinator

Mathematics Assistant

Mechanical Project Manager

Mechanical Systems Crew Leader

Media Editing and Support Technician

Media Production Assistant

Media Production Specialist

Media Technician

Mental Health Administrative Aide

Mental Health Case Worker

Menu Systems Development Dietitian

Microcomputer Programmer

Middle Level Financial Clerk

Military Property Specialist

Minority Business Procurement Assistant

Mobile Maintenance Shop Supervisor

Mobile/Preventive Maintenance Program Coordinator


Motor Equipment Repair Specialist II

Multimedia Specialist

Music Instructional Assistant


A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V WX Y Z Top

Network System Technician

Network Systems and Media Support Technician

Noon Duty Assistant



A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V WX Y Z Top

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Occupational Therapy Specialist

Officer, Strategic Sourcing and Contracts

Offset Press Operator

Offset Press Operator Trainee

Operations Auditor

Operations Specialist

Operations Support Officer

Outreach Program Coordinator


A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V WX Y Z Top


Painter II

Paraeducator - Independence Facilitator

Partnerships Program Assistant

Pastry Cook

Payroll/Benefits Clerk

Payroll/Benefits Manager

Payroll Specialist

Payroll Supervisor

Performance Improvement Specialist

Personnel Analyst

Personnel Clerk I

Personnel Operations Supervisor

Personnel Testing Specialist

Personnel Testing Technician

Personnel/Payroll Clerk

Pest Control Technician


Physical Plant Operations Administration Supervisor

Physical Plant Operations Assistant Supervisor

Physical Plant Operations Information Systems Supervisor

Physical Therapy Assistant

Physical Therapy Specialist

Piano Technician

Planned Projects Program Coordinator - Construction

Planned Projects Program Coordinator - Planning

Planned Projects Supervisor

Planner Assistant

Planner/Estimator/Inspector (Control Systems) (Electrical) (Electronics) (Environmental) (General) (Grounds) (Irrigation) (Mechanical) (Plumbing) (Structural)

Planning Analyst

Plant Operations Supervisor



Police Dispatcher

Police Officer I

Police Officer II

Policy Analyst I


Printing Services Supervisor

Professional Expert

Program Development Specialist

Program Director, Curriculum, Assessment, and Instructional Design

Program Manager, Accountability

Program Manager, Accountability and Research

Program Manager, Adult Education

Program Manager, Biliteracy and English Learner Support

Program Manager, City Heights Collaborative, School in the Park

Program Manager, Children and Youth in Transition

Program Manager, Counseling and Guidance 

Program Manager, EarlyLink School Readiness Program

Program Manager, Educational Technology

Program Manager, Family Engagement

Program Manager, Gifted and Talented Education

Program Manager, Health & Wellness

Program Manager, Instructional Media Services

Program Manager, Integrated Advanced Studies

Program Manager, JROTC

Program Manager, K-12 Music

Program Manager, Literacy

Program Manager, LGBTQ+ Advocacy and Education

Program Manager, Materials Development

Program Manager, Math

Program Manager, Mental Health Resource Center

Program Manager, On-line Learning

Program Manager, Parent Outreach

Program Manager, Partnerships in Education

Program Manager, Placement and Appeal

Program Manager, Pre K Family Literacy

Program Manager, Program Monitoring

Program Manager, Restorative Practices

Program Manager, Restorative Practices (Classified)

Program Manager, SANDAPP

Program Manager, School-to-Career

Program Manager, Science 

Program Manager, Secondary Teaching and Learning

Program Manager, Section 504/ADA

Program Manager, Social Studies

Program Manager, Special Education

Program Manager, STEM Innovation
Program Manager, Supplemental Educational Services and Extended Day Programs

Program Manager, Teacher Preparation and Induction

Program Manager, Teaching and Learning

Program Specialist, Special Education

Project Assistant

Project Manager, DWA

Project Management Supervisor

Project Stabilization Agreement (PSA) Specialist

Property Management Specialist

Provisioning Specialist

Public Information Coordinator

Publication Production Assistant

Publications Assistant

Pupil Accounting Clerk

Pupil Accounting Specialist I

Pupil Accounting Specialist II

Pupil Accounting Supervisor

Pupil Advocate

Purchasing Services Clerk

Purchasing Services Supervisor


A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Top

Quality Assurance Office Manager


A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V WX Y Z Top

Race/Human Relations Education Assistant

Race/Human Relations Education Assistant-Palomar

Real Estate Office Supervisor

Real Estate Services Assistant

Real Estate Specialist

Recreation Equipment Maintenance Worker

Recreation Equipment Specialist

Refrigeration Mechanic (Air Conditioning)

Refrigeration Mechanic (Appliances)

Rehabilitation Specialist

Relief Custodian

Relief Truck Driver

Repair Dispatch Program Coordinator (Electrical)

Repair Dispatch Program Coordinator (Mechanical)

Repair Dispatch Program Coordinator (Plumbing)

Repair Dispatch Supervisor

Research Systems Analyst

Resource Assistant

Resource Secretary

Risk Management Assistant

Risk Management Claims Supervisor

Risk Management Clerk

Risk Management Specialist

Risk Management Technician


Roofing Inspector

ROP Assistant

ROP Operations Coordinator

ROTC Assistant

Rubbish and Recycling Specialist


A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V WX Y Z Top

Safe Schools Program Analyst

Safety and Security Senior Coordinator

Safety Compliance Technician

Safety Coordinator

Salary Administration Supervisor



SANDAPP Program Supervisor

SANDAPP Supervising Case Manager

SANDAPP Therapist

Saw Cutter and Core Drill Operator

School Bus Driver

School Bus Driver Special Programs

School Clerical Assistant

School Clerk I

School Clerk II

School Counselor

School General Secretary I

School General Secretary II

School General Secretary III

School Library Technician I

School Library Technician II

School Police Captain

School Police Clerk

School Police Communications Supervisor

School Police Lieutenant

School Police Sergeant

School Site Operations Specialist

School-To-Career Case Manager

School-To-Career Coordinator

School-To-Work Transition Assistant

Science Assistant

Secretary I

Secretary II

Secretary III

Senior Accounting Clerk

Senior Artist Illustrator

Senior Building Services Supervisor/Special Schools

Senior Building Systems Project Manager

Senior Buyer

Senior Carpenter/Cabinetmaker

Senior Clerk

Senior Contract Specialist

Senior Cook

Senior Custodian Crew Leader

Senior Data Processing Clerk

Senior Educational Interpreter

Senior Facilities Development Project Manager

Senior Financial Accountant

Senior Food Service Site Leader

Senior Food Service Worker

Senior Freezer Worker

Senior High Financial Clerk

Senior Information Services Bureau Service Representative

Senior Labor Compliance Coordinator

Senior Locksmith

Senior Maintenance Parts Clerk

Senior Occupational Therapy Specialist

Senior Offset Press Operator

Senior Physical Therapy Specialist

Senior Specification Writer

Senior Stock Clerk

Senior Systems Analyst

Senior Systems Analyst, DWA

Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer

Senior Zone Manager

Sheetmetal Worker

Signal Technician

Site Literacy Administrator

Site Mathematics Administrator

Site Science Administrator

Site Special Education Administrator

Skilled Trades Helper (Carpenter) (Communications) (Electrical) (Fire and Intrusion Alarms) (Glazier) (Grounds, General) (Ironworker) (Locksmith) (Mechanical Equipment Repair) (Plasterer) (Plumbing and Heating, General) (Roofer)

Small Business Outreach Liaison

Software Systems Analyst I

Software Systems Analyst II

Software Systems Analyst III

Software Systems Coordinator

Special Education Adaptive Equipment and Technology Specialist

Special Education Adaptive Equipment Specialist I

Special Education Adaptive Equipment Specialist II

Special Education Assistant

Special Education Behavior Technician

Special Education Braille Assistant

Special Education Budget Assistant

Special Education Bus Monitor

Special Education Bus Monitor - Nonpublic/Special Programs

Special Education Compliance Officer

Special Education Health Technician

Special Education Labor Supervisor

Special Education Legal Assistant

Special Education Low Incidence Assistant

Special Education Ombudsperson

Special Education Physical and Health Disabilities-Special Technologies Assistant

Special Education Resource Assistant

Special Education Signing Assistant

Special Education Technician

Special Education Technician - Infant Program

Special Education Technician (Bilingual/Signing)

Special Needs Assistant

Special Program Library Clerk

Special Schools Building Services Supervisor

Specialist, Community Relations

Specialist, Instrumental Music

Specialist, Intern Programs

Specification Writer

Speech/Language Pathology Assistant

Sprinkler Systems Technician (terminal job class)

Staff Development Trainer

Staff Financial Analyst

Staff Training Programs Specialist

Standing Committee Coordinator


Steno Clerk

Stock Analysis Clerk

Stock Clerk

Student Assessment Systems Specialist

Student Information System Site Technician I

Student Information System Site Technician II

Superintendent of Public Education

Supervising Administrative Aide

Supervising Administrative Assistant I

Supervising Administrative Assistant II

Supervising Arts Specialist

Supervising Budget Analyst

Supervising Community Services Officer

Supervising District Registrar

Supervising Educational Researcher

Supervising Elementary School Assistant

Supervising Facilities Planner

Supervising Financial Systems Analyst

Supervising Fingerprinting Technician

Supervising Instructional Materials Specialist

Supervising Library Clerk

Supervising Licensed Mental Health Clinician

Supervising Rehabilitation Specialist

Supervising Program Specialist

Supervising Special Education Ombudsperson

Supervising Stock Clerk

Systems Analyst

Systems Analyst/Programmer

Systems Development Coordinator


A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V WX Y Z Top

Telecommunication Systems Specialist

Telecommunications Coordinator

Telephone Operator

Testing Clerk

Theater and Media Assistant

Theater and Media Specialist

Therapy Services Supervisor

Title IX/Uniform Complaint Compliance Officer
Training and Quality Assurance Specialist, Physical Plant Operations


Translator-Interpreter Supervisor

Transportation Accounting Clerk

Transportation Budget Supervisor

Transportation Information Clerk

Transportation Information Systems Supervisor

Transportation Operations Supervisor

Transportation Planner

Transportation Scheduling Assistant

Transportation Scheduling Supervisor

Transportation Services Supervisor (Personnel, Training and Safety)

Transportation Systems Analyst

Truck Driver


A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V WX Y Z Top



A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V WX Y Z Top

Vice Principal

Vice Principal Intern

Vision Screener

Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Facilities Manager


A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V WX Y Z Top

Warehouse and Distribution Supervisor


Wellness Program Supervisor

Workflow/Labor Utilization Coordinator

Work Permit Technician

Work Processing Clerk

Workers’ Compensation/Light Duty Coordinator

Writer's Assistant




Zone Manager, Physical Plant Operations