• The Elementary and Secondary Education Act establishes new minimum eligibility requirements for paraeducators who assist with instruction in the classroom and whose site receives Title I funding.

  • To provide the best benefits of the legislation to our students, the district has determined that all paraeducators in certain classifications must comply with the new requirements, with no regard to how the site is funded.

  • Paraeducators must meet the new qualifications prior to the first day of work with the district in any capacity(monthly or substitute).

Highly Qualified Paraeducators – The No Child Left Behind Act

Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, as amended by the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001, is designed to help disadvantaged children reach high academic standards. The San Diego Unified School District recognizes that properly trained paraeducators can play an important role in this effort by reinforcing the critical work that teachers perform every day in the classroom.

Under ESEA, paraeducators who directly assist with instruction in a classroom setting,and whose site or department receives Title I funding, must comply with the minimum qualification requirements described below. To ensure that all students will benefit from the intent of ESEA, the District has determined that all paraeducators in the following classifications, regardless of how the site receives its funding, must comply with these requirements:

  • Art Instructional Assistant

  • Athletics Assistant

  • AVID Assistant

  • Child Development Center Assistant

  • Classroom Assistant

  • Community Home Ed. School Assistant

  • Computer Assistant

  • Dance Assistant

  • English as a Second Language Assistant

  • Extended Day Assistant

  • Extended Day Learning Program Leader

  • Independent Study Assistant

  • Library Assistant

  • Mathematics Assistant

  • Media Production Assistant

  • Music Instructional Assistant

  • ROP Assistant

  • Science Assistant

  • Special Education Assistant

  • Special Education Braille Assistant

  • Special Education Low Incidence Assistant

  • Special Education Signing Assistant

  • Sp. Ed Phys. and Health Assistant

  • Special Education Behavior Technician

  • Special Education Technician

  • Special Education Technician - Bilingual Signing

  • Special Education Technician - Infant Programs

  • Special Needs Assistant

  • Theater and Media Assistant

  • Writer’s Assistant

ESEA requires that all paraeducators in the classifications listed above must be able to provide acceptable proof of the following:

  1. A United States high school diploma or its recognized equivalent (i.e., GED);

  2. and either:

    1. 48 units of study at an institution of higher education (excluding foreign language coursework); or

    2. An associate’s degree or higher; or

    3. Met a rigorous local assessment demonstrating knowledge of and ability to assist instructing, reading, writing, and mathematics (the District’s Classroom Assistant Proficiency Exam was modified upon passage of the ESEA and has been deemed a viable instrument for verifying this requirement).

All applicants must meet these requirements before they are deemed eligible to work in any capacity (e.g. in regular employment or as a substitute). The district maintains detailed records outlining the status and the manner by which applicants have proven their eligibility for employment.