Outside Employment of Employees12-9-11
7037Copyrights and Patents7-13-01

Copying and Use of Copyrighted Materials

See BP 6162.6 Use of Copyrighted MaterialsAR 6162.6 Use of Copyrighted Materials, adopted 12-12-17, effective 2-1-18

Att 1
Att 2
Staff Use of District Data Communications Networks and the Internet6-12-12
Att 1
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Conflict of Interest Code11-18-03
7042Conflict of Interest Disclosure for the Evaluation and Procurement of District-Adopted Instructional Materials8-02-02
7045Code of Ethics of the Teaching Profession7-05-02
7046Professional Responsibilities of Certificated Employees5-13-85
7050Assignment, General12-14-87
Standardized Work Years6-01-01

Employee Health Evaluations

See BP 4119.41 Employees with Infectious Disease, adopted 7-24-18, effective 11-1-18


Tuberculosis Examination 

See BP 4119.41 Employees with Infectious Disease, adopted 7-24-18, effective 11-1-18

7070Orientation of Employees8-02-02
7071Health and Safety School Inservice Training (Obsolete)Deleted
7075Supervision Assistant Mandated Training6-23-03
7100Employee Personnel Files1-26-00
7101Centralized Automated Personnel Records1-06-03
7105Employee Name and Address Changes4-29-99
  7110 Att 1 

Employee Complaints Alleging Harassment or Discrimination

See BP 4030 Nondiscrimination in EmploymentAR 4030 - Nondiscrimination in Employment, adopted 3-5-19

7111Employee Complaints Alleging Waste of Funds, Abuse of Authority, or Danger to Health or Safety6-14-02
7113Appeals Procedures for Management, Supervisory, and Confidential Employees6-27-03
7120Unemployment Insurance1-21-05
7122Group Medical Benefits Plans4-3-13
7124Group Dental Benefits Plans10-21-02
7126Group Life Insurance Plans10-12-01
7128Access to Protected Health Information4-21-03
7130Sick Leave2-3-12
Industrial Accident and Illness Leave11-03-06
7134Personal Business Leave12-10-10
7136Personal Necessity Leave2-3-12
Paternity and Adoption Leave11-03-06
Att 1
Bereavement Leave11-06-06
7142Leaves for Court Appearances5-12-97
7144Jury Duty4-15-10
7146Military Leave6-21-99
7148Summer Inservice Training Leave3-15-82
7149Exchange Teacher Leave8-21-80
7153Replacements for Employees During Long-Term Absences11-16-05
7155Absence on District Business 8-25-16
7156District Employees Serving on Commissions on Professional Competence9-13-04
7170Resignation of Employees3-11-04
7175Retirement of Employees10-21-02
7176Certificate of Appreciation, Retired Employees1-20-99
7180Employee Liability4-29-05
7182Employee Reference Requests9-25-80
7184Employment and Assignment of Relatives of District Employees10-3-12


District Cars for Designated Employees 9-30-04
7210Registration and Control of Credentials12-10-10
7212Employment Status and Status Change of Certificated Personnel12-10-10
7215Certificated Personnel Allocation Formula and Class Size, K-6 (Regular Education Programs)2-23-04
7216Certificated Personnel Assignment Formula and Class Size, Secondary Schools (Regular Education Programs and JROTC)2-23-04
7220District Counselor Allocation Formula for Elementary Schools2-23-04
7223School Nurse Allocation Formula, K-124-20-06
7225Head Counselor Salary Administration1-06-03
7226Certificated Salary Evaluating Committee2-17-93
7230Special Compensation for Certificated Staff1-21-03
7231Special Compensation Positions1-21-03
Extended Day Assignments, Teachers10-22-14
Schedule of Extended Day Units 10-22-14
7235Supervision Session Assignments for Teachers2-23-04
7236Additional Hourly Assignments for Contract Teachers1-06-03

Student Teaching Program

See Administrative Circular_5, dated 8-8-18

7260Vacations of Child Development Center Certificated Employees Other Than Management Employees1-29-07
7270Application and Employment of Certificated Employees (Contract and Day-To-Day Substitute Positions)4-29-05
7272Summer School Certificated Employment11-22-99

Placement, Transfer, and Reassignment of Contract Teachers

See BP 4113 AssignmentAR 4113 Assignment, adopted 3-12-19

7290Certificated Substitutes for Illness/Emergency12-10-99
Request and Release of Certificated Substitutes10-21-02
7293Substitute Procedures for Districtwide Emergencies11-08-02
7295Certificated Substitutes (Visiting Teachers) for Prescheduled Activities4-24-06
7342Job-Share Assignments, Teachers2-10-00
7360Evaluation of Visiting Teachers 9-07-01
7371Dismissal/Suspension of Probationary Certificated Employees7-12-02
7405Employment Status and Status Change of Classified Employees8-02-02
Att 1
Selection and Appointment of Classified Employees to Confidential Positions11-03-00
7410Placement of Custodians1-16-97
7412Secretarial/Clerical Allocation Formula for Regular Program School Sites3-20-06
7416Summer School Classified Staffing11-22-99
7417Guidance Assistant Formula for Elementary Schools10-12-95
7420Salary Administration for Classified Personnel7-01-95
7425Differential Pay for Classified Employees12-10-10
7426Overtime Authorization and Compensation for Classified Employees10-14-92
Att 1
Long-Term Leaves of Absence for Management/Confidential/Supervisory Employees8-04-00
Att 1
Long-Term Leaves of Absence for Classified Employees8-04-00
7435Floating Holiday for Classified Employees5-05-03
7436Vacations of Classified Employees1-09-07
7440Application and Examination of Classified Employees2-03-93
7442Classified Paraprofessional Employees11-08-02
Employment, Assignment, and Allocation of Breakfast/Noon Ground Supervision, K-69-08-93
7446Employment and Placement of College Student Workers6-11-99
7450Qualified Candidate Pools for Employment and Promotion of Classified Employees3-29-02
7455Request for Secretarial/Clerical Substitutes and Casual Help9-07-99
7460Custodial Substitutes7-09-99
7480Transfer/Reassignment of Classified Employees5-03-02
7485Workday and Workweek for Classified Employees7-01-95
7520Evaluation of Classified Staff12-10-10
7525Evaluation of Classified Temporary Employees3-29-02

Classification of Classified Staff Positions

See AR 4213 Classification of Classified Staff Positions, adopted 7-24-18, effective 11-1-18

7560Layoff and Reemployment of Classified Personnel7-12-02
7570Dismissal, Suspension, and Demotion of Classified Personnel12-10-10
7610Classification of Management Salary Schedule Positions6-08-01
7620Salary Policy for Management and Site Administrator Salary Schedule Positions5-04-95
7621Salary Administration for Site Administrators10-21-02
7625Additional Hourly Assignments for Management Employees2-18-03
7626Supervision Service Payments for Senior High School Vice Principals6-20-03
7630Released Time for Professional and Personal Improvement7-05-02
7635Vacations of Management/Confidential/ Supervisory Employees3-07-07
7640Recruitment, Selection, Promotion, and Reassignment/Transfer of Management Employees7-25-07
7660Substitute and Acting Principals and Vice Principals9-06-02
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Att 2
Att 3
Att 4
Evaluation of Management Employees3-20-06
7765Adverse Action Resulting from Reductions in Funding or District Programs, or Administrative Reorganization--Management/Supervisory/Confidential Employees11-19-07
7767Adverse Action Based on Performance or Conduct, Management/ Supervisory/ Confidential Employees6-27-03