These maps reflect boundaries ONLY for the year indicated (2018-19); boundaries are reviewed annually and are subject to change.

Please note maps are intended to give a general indication of a school's attendance area. Please check your school assignment by using School Finder or by calling the Boundaries Office at (619) 725-5668.

Click on a school name below to view its attendance boundary in PDF format. You may need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader at to view the maps.

District Map of all Elementary schools, 2018-19

Adams   Alcott   Angier   Audubon   Baker   Balboa   Bay Park   Benchley/Weinberger   Bethune   Bird Rock   Birney   Boone   Burbank   Cabrillo   Cadman   Carson   Carver   Central   Chavez   Cherokee Point   Chesterton   Chollas/Mead   Clay   Crown Point   Cubberley   Curie  Dailard   Dewey   Dingeman   Doyle     E.B. Scripps   Edison  Emerson/Bandini   Encanto   Ericson   Euclid   Fay   Field   Fletcher   Florence   Foster   Franklin   Freese   Fulton   Gage   Garfield   Golden Hill   Grant   Green   Hage   Hamilton   Hancock   Hardy   Hawthorne   Hearst   Hickman   Holmes   Horton   Ibarra   Jefferson   Jerabek   Johnson   Jonas Salk   Jones   Joyner   Juarez   Kimbrough   Kumeyaay   La Jolla   Lafayette   Linda Vista   Lindbergh/Schweitzer   Logan   Loma Portal   Marshall   Marvin   Mason   McKinley   Miller   Miramar Ranch   Normal Heights   Nye     Oak Park   Ocean Beach   Pacific Beach   Pacific View   Paradise Hills   Penn   Perkins   Perry   Porter   Rodriguez   Rolando Park   Rosa Parks   Ross   Rowan     Sandburg   Sequoia   Sessions   Sherman  Silver Gate   Spreckels   Sunset View   Tierrasanta   Toler   Torrey Pines   Valencia Park   Vista Grande   Walker   Washington   Webster   Wegeforth   Whitman   Zamorano