i21: 21st Century Interactive Classroom Initiative
Student at WhiteboardThe Proposition S-funded i21 Initiative delivers a suite of new digital tools that are designed to create an engaging and personalized learning environment. The main classroom components include an interactive whiteboard, audio-visual cabinet, a teacher’s presentation station, a wireless voice amplification system, an advanced model document camera, a DVD player, a teacher tablet (laptop computer) and netbooks (mini-laptop computers) for each student.  The interactive classroom suites are being installed throughout the district in approximately 20 percent of the classrooms each year according to a five-year plan that started in summer 2009.  For more information, please visit www.sandi.net/i21 or e-mail i21classrooms@sandi.net.
Baker ES
Existing fiber cable in a school server room.
Nearly 80 of the district’s schools meet the criteria for a federally funded program known as “E-rate.”  This program is designed to ensure that all eligible schools and libraries have affordable access to modern telecommunications and information services via authorized discounted services.  Schools eligible for the E-rate Program will also move from analog telephone systems to Voice over Internet Protocol, which will dramatically reduce operational costs for the schools.  Performing these technology improvements through this program will save the district a minimum of $35 million.  E-rate work is currently underway, or planned, at the following schools.
Adams ESField ESLogan ES
ALBA MS Audubon ESFlorence ES  Mann MS
Baker ESFranklin ESMarshall ES
Balboa ESFreese ESMemorial Academy
Bayview Terrace ESFulton ESMontgomery MS
Boone ES
Garfield ES
Normal Heights ES
Burbank ES
Garfield HS
Oak Park ES
Cadman ESGolden Hill ES
Paradise Hills ES
Carson ESGompers MSPerkins ES
Carver ESHamilton ESPerry ES 
Central ESHawthorne ESPorter ES
Chavez ESHoover HSPromise Charter
Cherokee Point ESHorton ESRodriguez ES
Chollas/Mead ESIbarra ESRolando Park ES
Clark MiddleIftin Charter ESRoosevelt MS
Clay ESJefferson ESRosa Parks ES
Creative Performing Media
Arts @ Kroc
Johnson ESRoss ES
Crawford HSJoyner ESRowan ES 
Darnell Charter MSKearny HS San Diego HS 
Edison ESKeiller MSSherman ES
Emerson/Bandini ESKimbrough ESTwain HS
Encanto ESKing/Chavez CharterValencia Park ES
Euclid ESKnox ESWashginton ES
Farb MSLincoln HSWebster ES
Fay ESLinda Vista ESWilson MS
To learn more about this federally funded program, please visit: http://www.universalservice.org/sl/