Zamorano Elementary student artwork on display in Skyline

Posted: Thursday, November 16th 2017

Zamorano Fine Arts Academy students like to make a mark on the world around them.

They've already claimed their own campus through vibrant and visually stunning murals which adorn many of the school's walls and common areas. Now, they're bringing their artistic flair to the Skyline Hills Library in southeastern San Diego.

The special exhibit, already on display for the public, provides most of these students with their first opportunity to see their art on display in a public venue. 

Zamorano is an elementary school in the Bay Terraces neighborhood. In addition to a regular K-5 curriculum, Zamorano students receive extra instruction in a broad variety of art disciplines, including painting/drawing, ceramics, photography, sculpture, and graphic design.

The work in this exhibit was created by Zamorano students under the guidance of teachers Brooklyn Bendix, Danielle Guimond, Don Masse, and Melony Vance. Special thanks are given to the Skyline Hills Library for this wonderful opportunity.

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