La Jolla High School Coach Runs 100 Miles for American Cancer Society's "Relay for Life"

Posted: Friday, May 19th 2017

One of our teachers and swim coach at La Jolla High School, Tom Atwell will be running 100 miles beginning Thursday night May 18th through Friday May 19th at 2:30pm at La Jolla High School in honor of The American Cancer Society’s “relay for life” event. The money raised through Relay For Life events helps realize the American Cancer Society's mission: to save lives and celebrate life. Every day.

He will complete his 100 miles Friday at 2:30pm, followed by a cancer awareness event from 2:30pm - 4:30pm

Donations are used to fund live-saving cancer research, patient support programs, prevention information and education, and detection and treatment programs. Here's how the money raised last year helped make a difference in 2015.

Mr. Atwell’s reason for the 100-mile relay: Why I Relay

I am a three time cancer survivor, my wife is a cancer survivor, and I have seen the devastating impact cancer can have on families. Too many amazing people I am honored to have known have been lost to this dreadful disease. I am not a scientist, I will not be able to find a cure or perform miracles to cure people, so I am doing the only thing I know I can do. I am going to work and run and do all I can as a community person and an athlete to raise money and awareness about how we can help doctors and scientists find a way to make sure we don't have to loose people to any form of cancer.

Cancer has affected so many people I know and love that it’s inspired me to join Relay For Life. This fundraiser is a community-based event, which means no two Relays are the same, but they all support the American Cancer Society’s mission.Funds raised support cancer patient programs and groundbreaking research that can help save lives. This event also celebrates over 15.5 million cancer survivors nationwide. 15.5 MILLION. That’s huge. That’s why I’d love your support. Will you walk with me? And if you can’t would you be so kind as to make a donation?

Coach Atwell’s message:
Cancer has touched all of us in some way. And we want to stop this disease in its tracks. We’ll spend the next few weeks fundraising for the American Cancer Society. Then, on the day of the event, we’ll honor the lives lost to cancer, celebrate survivors, and support the caregivers who so selflessly help others.

I would love to have your help for this worthwhile event.  I will be running 100 miles on the track at LJHS beginning Thursday night, 5/18 and finishing on Friday, 5/19 at around 2:30 pm.  The actual event takes place from 2:30 to 4:30 on Friday on the track.  Feel free to stop by and run a lap or two with me anytime throughout the night on Thursday or anytime on Friday.  Watch this short video done by Fox Sports on our cancer awareness efforts and click on the link below to join Atwell's Army and support this great cause.

Together, we’ll be a part of making a difference in this important cause.
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