Back to School: San Diego Unified students return to class

Posted: Monday, August 27th 2018

Back to School: San Diego Unified students return to class - Courtesy of CBS 8

Monday marks the first day of school for students in the San Diego Unified School District. Ready or not, that bell is ringing, and more than 100,000 children are back in classrooms.

"There's something magical about the first day of school,” said Clairemont High School Principal Jennifer Roberson. “I love the first day."

Roberson greets about 1,000 kids on the first day of school.

Some students come excited to learn, yet some of their young minds are also focused on something else: fun.

"Mostly prom since I'm senior class president, I gotta plan all that stuff,” said one student.

Superintendent Cindy Marten encourages students to get involved on every campus.

"We expect students to leave San Diego Unified prepared, not just academically, but prepared for life in a way that they're civically minded, they know how to engage in civil discourse, and they have a sense of voice and agency,” said Marten.

That expectation lines up with a new program at Clairemont High in which every senior will do an internship this year.

"They'll be placed with local business and community partners,” said Roberson. “Some of our students will be in organizations like Sonata Hospice where they'll get to learn, not only the healthcare industry, but also the business side of the house."

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